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How did signing of casts start?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) January 18th, 2008

Where did this originate from? I never really knew why everyone signed someones cast after they broke a bone. Anybody know?

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in high school in the sixties, we signed casts. I don’t recall signing cast in grammar school

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Makes the person with the cast feel “special”—that and you have this fairly permanent thing (well, I kept my casts for a while) to remember all the folks who were around you then =)

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….bpeoples said; Makes the person with the cast feel “special”—
Had a physics teacher sign casts in a big red marking pen,
“When you’re stupid, it’s for a long time”....
Didn’t really answer the question, jogged the old memory bank though…

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I had people sign my cast in grade 5…in the 80’s

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