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When will the Leopard 10.5.3 update be safe to install?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) June 17th, 2008

My iMac crashed once (wouldn’t boot up and would stall at the white bootup screen and the spinning progress indicator). I restored from time machine and tried it again today (a few weeks later) and it did the same thing. Any idea when it will be safe to apply this update?

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It seems as though 10.5.3 is a bitty iffy for some. I myself had a few problems with my install (but got my iBook working in the end) and a similar thing happened to bluemukaki. I reckon the best thing to do would probably be to try the combo update (available here) and see if that makes any difference – I know, it’s a bigass update…

If you can’t be bothered dowloading that, the other option is to simply wait it out until they release the next version, or one with more bug fixes. The downside of this is that you might have to wait a while, but then again 10.5.3 isn’t essential if you aren’t/weren’t experiencing too many bugs/problems with 10.5.2.

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I installed it with no trouble.

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@Randy: Yes, many people have had no issues.

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Worked just fine for me.

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Every machine I upgraded to 10.5.3 works fine, But i have heard some people having problems on forums i was reading. Its a good idea to run the combo update as yannick said. I have had many people have problems with past updates and that did the trick

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@Stocky: Thanks! I am downloading it now.

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@Yannick & Stocky: That worked. Apparently, when you download and run the update, it updates the EFI properly (especially for the boot sequence).

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I have had not problems on my Desktop G5 or Mac Book Pro

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Whenever you have problems or have heard about problems with a Mac update, it’s always best to download the standalone installer off the Mac site and install it that way, without using “Software Update”.
@Yannick: Haha, I didn’t know you were on fluther! I have found you! mwahaha!

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I’d say ‘safe’ considering OSX is already at 10.5.4. Seems stable thus far.

If you work in a professional production environment, I always suggest to complete whatever projects you currently have in the pipeline. You also want to wait until all of your pro apps and plugins are up-to-date and can play nicely with the new OS version.

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I didn’t lose mine again till I updated to 10.5.4. I originally had to do the 10.5 original install 4 times till it actually would boot from it. I won’t do that again! I guess for me the best I can do is stay with Tiger 10.4.11 till I can get an install disk for at least 10.5.2. I tried to get an updated install from Apple and they want you to pay for it. I liked the new interface in Leopard but… it looks more like they are heading for the same problems that Windows ran into..

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