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Where is the best place to go dancing in Los Angeles?

Asked by mollykm (121points) September 4th, 2009

I’m talking a fun, dance all night with your friends kinda place. However, really want to avoid pretentious clubs and places with house music!

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What kind of music are you into? I really like the Mayan in downtown L.A. but that’s mostly latin music.

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There’s that great 80’s club in Hollywood. Ug, I can’t remember the name, but Yelp usually has pretty good reviews of clubs.

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if you want better answers trying being more specific.

LA and the surrounding area is HUGE there must be over a thousand different places (bars/clubs) to hit up, so where exactly in LA were you thinking???

also, what kind of music are you looking for?

dj or live music?

anyways here are my first thoughts:
Bang! (it only happens on saturday nights though – hollywood)
Medusa’s Lounge (echo park, i think)
Rage – and anywhere in West Hollywood (duh!)
There are these two place in china town that are a block or so away from each other. i think one is called mountain bar i don’t remember the other name.

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@alive Isn’t Rage a gay club? I went there once on a Saturday and it was definitely a gay night. I still had lots of fun though ;-)

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since Rage is located in West Hollywood many gays go. But it is a “mixed” club… well it is more mixed than other west hollywood bars/clubs. the music there is good because it is not house and it is more like pop and rap – beyonce, lil john, brittney spears, i even heard spice girls there once! (but like i said anywhere in west hollywood is great for dancing because all the gays are there!)

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