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Have you ever wondered what "Exactly" happens when and after you die?

Asked by Mr_Grimm (367points) September 4th, 2009

Have you ever wondered, What’s gonna happen when I die? Will I see a bright shining light? Darkness, then simply just forget your previous life, and are born a totally different being? Or, just… I dunno… just stop existing, like you just dont see anything your gone, you dont exist, you dont start anything, like a new form of human being, and your not born another person? I would love to hear oppinions from all beleifs. Catholics, roman catholics, Jewish, athiest, and I dont know any more, but all of those above that are in the catagory those are in. I think they are called beleifs.. Not shore

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It’ll be like sleeping
Except no dreams and you can never wake up

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no. not the game

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Dude, if I just got transported into Tamriel when I died, that would be an acceptable outcome.

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Seems pretty clear – no more activity in the neurons pretty much means light out, don’t it? Then putrefaction follows fairly rapidly, unless you’re Michael Jackson or Jesus.

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I imagine the feeling of running out of breath but not panicking the way you would when someone suffocates you. And instead of feeling heavy, the feeling of sudden lightness, and then darkness. After that, who knows.

I am partial to what the Kabbalah says about the moments after death: that after a lifetime of your brain filtering out the many inputs you receive at all moments (cars honking in the distance, the chair under your ass, etc), you are bombarded with information. It’s overwhelming at first, but you adjust to the new awareness you have now that you’re not a physical body anymore. You still feel connected to your physical self, and you will continue to hang around your body until it’s well into decaying, at which point you’ll finally realize your body is not you. Until then, though, you’ll follow your body and watch people mourn you and marvel at the things you see and understand now, especially from your new perspective. And once you realize that you are not the physical body you inhabited for a lifetime, you become aware of other planes of existence and go to them.

It’s sort of beautiful, but could be nonsense.

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I don’t think I’ve seen Kabbalah mentioned here before…

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That’s an awsome theory like everyones that has just answered in the last 16 minutes and the people who will continue answering, but how would you see everyone who is mourning for you, when yuor eyes are closed, do you see them in spirit form? Or do you just see through your eye lids?

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My wife will open the wine we’ve been saving. The kids will fill the house with laughter. My co-workers won’t get anything done, due to their constant celebrating.

Or did you mean what would happen to me?

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either you are filthy rich or just hated

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@ragingloli I can’t be both?

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It’s lights out. Maybe it’s similar to the numbness you get when your arm or leg falls asleep. And that light that you supposedly see is the same as the dot on your old analog TV when you shut it off . No more scanning.
Either way, your wife cashes the insurance check.

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I don’t know. I will find out soon enough.

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@johnpowell If you can, post us after it happens.
If you’re not able to, just send a tweet.

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I just saw a vid about this on miro. They depict that the person is lying in a hospital on his deathbed and every second he has a flashback of the small happy moments of his life. Like since when he was a child till when he had children and grandchildren. I know we all think about it but the director did a really good job of showing it. Made you feel it was your life because the last scene is that you were in the bed with your grown up children looking down at you and then it’s all black.

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Compost. :)

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The first time my husband was clinically dead, he floated up out of his body and could watch and listen to the surgeons. His late uncle appeared and told him it wasn’t his time.

The second time he died he thought he was yelling at the doctors to quit with those damn paddles because they hurt! But I was in the room, too, and He never said a word out loud.

The third time my husband died he lost all memory from three days before the incident until two days after he roused from the coma.

Don’t know if this helps, but that was his experience.

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@Darwin I’ve never known someone who died thrice! Fascinating! If you don’t mind my asking, what were the circumstances leading up to each death?

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1) Cardiac complications during surgery for a ruptured appendix resulting in peritonitis in Naples, Italy.

2) Cardiac complications after a quintuple bypass done by the Air Force in San Antonio, Texas.

3) Ruptured and gangrenous gall bladder despite repeated visits to the local ER, followed by pneumonia during the resultant coma.

Don’t you just hate it when someone announces Code Blue and everybody runs to the room you are sitting in?

He’s still alive, though, although he was given a 10% chance of survival the last time.

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YIKES! Truly amazing though.
Out of curiosity, how has it affected your perception or acceptance of death? By the third time were you more/less frightened ? How do you feel at this point?

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I just hope that when my life passes before my eyes, it isn’t all the parts I have been trying to forget. That would really suck.

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@Beta_Orionis – You get more prepared and less frightened each time it happens. Death is inevitable, but you can make sure to keep the road to it as interesting and fun as possible. You might be able to make the road longer, but that is not entirely under one’s control.

At this point, my husband is in a fair amount of pain, but not so much that he is ready to let go.

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@johnpowell Not too soon, I hope!

@Darwin Your husband must have an amazing will to live.

I think everyone has wondered about what happens when and after you die. I don’t think anyone knows, for sure.

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I would assume that those people who claim to know what happens after you die are probably the most frightened of anyone.

Of course, since becoming a vampire is not going to be very likely in this lifetime, I’d better get my affairs in order. Who should I leave all these beautiful little roaches to?

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I heard one theory that your spirit (stay with me now) relives your life, but _from the point of view of everyone you interacted with during your life__

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what exactly are you implying? Do you mean your spirit will onlook the world and go on throughout life in everyone you know, or do ya just go to heaven and see everyone you love?

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@evelyns_pet_zebra If by “roaches”, you mean “critters” I have no idea. But, if you mean the other kind, I had a friend in school who had a collection of “roach squared“s, if you get my drift. He hoped in his lifetime to make a “roach cubed”. I don’t know if he was successful or not. I graduated, he didn’t.

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Well since your only a brain with a body ( support system ) and the brain ceases to function because well… your dead. How could you wonder about anything ?
Do you believe that there is a Dinosaur heaven ? An insect heaven ? A JellyFish heaven ? Well if you do – don’t worry because all that nonsense will be over as soon as your brain stops working.

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If it hasn’t already.

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Yeah, but I’m not in a hurry to find out.

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@worriedguy when I say roaches, I mean the kind with six legs that get three inches long and hiss when you pick them up. The ones from Madagascar. I have over 300 of the little darlings. If you are talking about the butt ends of marijuana joints, I gave that shit up years ago. I don’t need to smoke pot to make me paranoid; my government does that for me already for free.

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Yes and no, but I like surprises so am quite content to wait.

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The flora in your gut multiply out of control, and then you begin to putrefy.

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you know really you will be surprised because you will find many things there.god will judge you and will sent you to hell or paradies according to what you have done in your life and it will be forever.all these things are mentioned in the koran.

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This is just my opinion…. But I don’t believe god is so keen on judging you… He supposed to love you no matter what.. Cuz we are his children

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