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How can I improve on ramen noodles?

Asked by efritz (3240points) September 5th, 2009

I am a poor college student, consequently I eat a lot of ramen. Which is delicious, but boring . . .

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I think pasta with butter, salt, pepper and a little parm cheese is way tastier and satisfying. And is pretty cheap if you find pre-shredded parm cheese in the dairy case.

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I’d cook some spam and eggs and put it on top. That’s always my favorite
I have tried to make a ramen omelet, but it was pretty nasty tbh. Maybe it was the brand of ramens :X
When it’s winter or when I’m just plain sadistic, I just get a bottle of ol’ sriracha and red devil hotsauce (it’s not hot or anything it’s sour) and throw in some hot red pepper flakes.

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My husband mixes tuna in with the ramen noodles. I use chicken and mixed vegetables with a bit of salt and pepper (and leave out the seasoning packet).

Do you actually have a kitchen, or are you in a dorm with just a microwave? That makes cooking creative ramen more of a challenge.

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There is not much nutritional value for the money in Ramen Noodles. Also you may want to be careful of the high sodium content and there is some anecdotal evidence that the large amount of MSG has some adverse effects for some people.
Apples and organic peanut butter would be a far healthier value. Boiling kale and collard greens will keep you in the pink and your mind sharp – full of vitamins & minerals – cut it up drop in a bowl with water & microwave ( keep and drink the water you boil it in because that’s where a lot of the minerals now are ). Pour some salad dressing on it or add your Ramen noodles. Just because your poor doesn’t mean you have to make poor choices.

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How could it be possible to improve on such a culinary delight???

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ok I see your point… all right here’s how I would improve Ramen Noodles. Take it out of the microwave, put on your iPod open the Ramen and watch porn.

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@MissAusten – my dorm has a kitchen with stove and etc., so we have plenty of room.

@teh_kvlt_liberal – that is diabolical. I would die. Or lose all my taste buds.

@sparklefag – eh. I’m a lady.

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Largest growing population segment watching, producing porn today – Women. ( CBS news ).

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Best source of calcium for women ( better absorption than supplements ) is collard greens & kale.

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Add a Thai peanut sauce with bell pepper and chicken (or any vegetable/meat combo that you prefer), It’s inexpensive and very tasty.

You can buy the peanut sauce at your local grocery in the international food aisle if you don’t have the time to make it yourself.

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Depending on the country your in – Chihuahua !

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Buy an onion and take a slice or two at a time, chop them up, and toss in the water before you add the noodles, giving it a little time to soften up. The onion will last you a week.

Almost any fresh vegetables will perk up your ramen. Try a little fresh zucchini, shredded carrots, green or red bell peppers, whatever you like. You can also add a sliced hard-boiled egg or a little leftover meat, such as chicken. Of course you can also toss in leftover cooked vegetables. Peas, beans, mushrooms, corn, anything—singly or in combination.

For something tender like fresh baby spinach, just put raw leaves into the bowl and pour the hot ramen broth and noodles in on top of them. That’ll cook them enough.

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Try pouring the water off the noodles and then putting some canola oil in a frying pan and frying the noodles. Put some salt and pepper on them and fry them until they are good and brown. It’s really yummy. My grandma used to make them with egg noodles but I was hungry for them once, didn’t have any egg noodles so I used Ramen and it was still really good but quite fattening, I’m sure!

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to boost the flavor add garlic powder, red pepper flakes, siracha sauce, worcestershire sauce, black pepper, tobasco sauce, chives, parsley, green onions, soy sauce, in any combination you like. Once you find a combo you like add veggies that compliment it. You can’t go wrong with onions or peppers of any kind. broccoli works well.
also try the frying method mentioned above but throw an egg in and stir well.

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I usually do what knitfroggy suggested. But I toss in a bit of Parmesan cheese. Yummy and I can get full for 30 cents.

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Ooooo…never thought about the Parmesan cheese…that would be even better than just plain old fried noodles

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Quick, everybody to @Jeruba‘s house, she’s cooking a tasty meal!

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Oops, @EPZ, dinner’s over, but you can come on by for ice cream.

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ice cream mixed with ramen and eggs, that is…

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Oh oh! You can make a ramen egg foo yung of sorts. Make the noodles, then put some butter in a skillet. Drain the noodles then brown them in the skillet. Whip some eggs, ½ the seasoning packet, chopped onion and soy sauce together the pour into the skillet over the noodles and cook until the egg is set. You can add other veggies or even meat, but this is the basic recipe.

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Sounds good, @Supacase. I think I’d like to try that. I believe I’d add some bean sprouts and chives.

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@Supacase – actually that does sound pretty good!!!

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I have found that a $1 order of chicken nuggets from Wendy’s chopped in pieces in my Ramen noodles with just a dab of hot sauce is quite yummy and cheap. I’ve tried other nuggets but Wendy’s seem to have a breading that is most compatible.

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@Jenniehowell That sounds very good,

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I used to fry onion and frozen peas and add those with a can of cream-or-something soup, no dillution. Stir that concoction in with the noodles and skip the high-sodium MSG packet altogether. This recipe increases number of servings to 2 heaping.

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@Shegrin I thought I was the only one who throws away the foil package.

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@YARNLADY thanks!! It is pretty good. Amazing the things we discover in our sporadic moments of poverty. LOL

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Drain the water.

Add soy sauce, ketchup (optional), salt and pepper to taste.

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