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What's the simplest way to create a photo blog?

Asked by beachwriter (360points) September 6th, 2009

I know someone who is an amazing photographer, but who is extremely un-savvy when it comes to the Internet. He really only knows how to do e-mail. But sharing photos in e-mail has its limits (and frustrations for some recipients). Is there such a thing as posting a photo to a site via e-mail?

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Tumblr is extremely easy to use.

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Yep. Try posterous. Dead simple blogging by email.

Russter's avatar can do this. After you create a blog with Blogger go to “Settings”, then “Email & Mobile”, and you can set up an email address for him to send his pictures to. On that settings page it says: “Use this address to post text and images (up to 10MB in size) directly to your blog.”

Give that one a try.

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My answer would be Flickr or WordPress.

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I have mine on Flickr and on PhotoBucket

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There are many ways to do this and I’ll try to make this as simple as possible for you and your friend.

First, just like @gggritso said, Posterous is probably the best option for your friend. He doesn’t even need to sign up! He just needs to email his work to but I do recommend he sign up sooner or later if he is really good.

But if you do want something a big more advanced, Tumblr is a great for blogging. If you do want to sign up and create a beautiful blog on Tumblr follow these steps.

1. Sign up at Tumblr it’s very simple. You enter your e-mail and you desired password. Then you should get an email from Tumblr trying to verify if this e-mail is indeed yours. Very simple.

2. Once your account is set up, you can go to what Tumblr calls the Theme Garden. This is were all the different styles and layouts are. I’ve found a nice photography style layout that you might like. (Here and another here)

3. Once you’ve click on the links I gave you, just click on ”Install theme” and it should be installed on your blog!

Also before you install a theme you have to option to see how it would look like by clicking “Preview”.

I hope I helped and if there are any other problems tell me and I’ll find another way to fix it.

Vincentt's avatar has a theme that changes colours depending on the photo shown. That looks pretty cool if he/someone is willing to set that up.

And I suppose 23 Visualblog is easy.

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Blipfoto Is designed for exactly this – I’d say it’s the best out-of-the-box solution, and also has a native iPhone app if you’re equipped with one.

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or mail to and VOILA! you’ve just created an account.

It also forwards all your photo, mp3, video, text to facebook, flickr, twitter and what not.
The great thing is that you can submit [any of the above] via email, so if you have a smartphone with internet, or just a laptop, or a public computer.. you can still add almost anytime anywhere.

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Posterous ROCKS.

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