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Did the U.S. win in Iraq?

Asked by LostInParadise (23618points) September 6th, 2009

I don’t see anyone declaring victory. Without going into whether it was worth the cost, can we say that objectives were met?

Did we turn an enemy into an ally?

Is Iraq a democracy?

Has the U.S. position in the region been strengthened?

Is the region more stable?

Can Iraq be counted on not to support interests hostile to Israel?

Will foreign oil companies be getting a larger share of Iraq oil revenue?

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The US defeated the Iraq government soundly. It wasn’t even much of a fight.
Bush never had a plan to rebuild the area so the effort was doomed to failure before the invasion began.

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in progress
in progress
no idea
in progress
in progress
good question

all in all the mission was successful, but now were attempting to instill a sound govt that wont be taken over by a dictator again. Its a very hard and delicate process. But were still trying our best.

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Stephen Colbert declared victory a few months ago when he went over to Iraq.
edit: here is the video

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@kevbo More than likely. The US put Saddam in power in the 80’s so they would have an ally against the Iranians.

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No, not really.

We won the war against the Iraqi army. But we’ve pretty much lost by any standard during the occupation.

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I am one of those who see no victory in war. Once war is waged, everyone has lost.

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Yes, I think that Iraq is now an ally of the USA and not an enemy.

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why do people feel the need to use “we” discussing this topic? 1) not all americans support those efforts and 2) not everyone here is from the US. (i’m looking at you @kibaxcheza)

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@eponymoushipster, it was a Coalition of the Willing! And it was a tie!

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No. We’ve just made targets of Americans and drawn more terrorists into the country. Great job.

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@kevbo youre right, we did… and then he went against us. He was the answer to another problem, but when he became a problem, be decide to remove the infection. Now ere trying another method. just logical progression i suppose

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@kibaxcheza why do you keep using first person plural?

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what do you mean

(please excuse the typos in my last post, i was cookin XD)

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oh nvm, i missed you last post @eponymoushipster

I use we because im an American and because i stand behind my family and they work they are doing. In fact, i have every intention of joining the forces ( rangers to be exact) in the next few years.

So, i feel that when my country and my family takes action against something, that i too am taking action against it. Im sorry for my patriotism and beliefs, but it if bothers you, then go ahead an fill out a formal complaint.

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@kibaxcheza then use the “U.S” or something to that effect.

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Im sorry for my patriotism and beliefs
Cool wording bro. If we don’t agree, we’re not patriots!

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whats it matter in what terms i speak?

and im not saying that if you dont agree with me that youre not a patriot.

why does it seem like yall pinned a damn target to my back….

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There are people who are just as American, just as patriotic, just as supportive of the troops… but who do not believe in this fraudulent war. Perhaps those of us who are old enough to really remember it at the beginning have a different perspective.

@kibaxcheza Referring back to one of your questions, there are some things you’re going to need to address before joining up if you want to achieve the goal of becoming a Ranger. Its very demanding and selective and you can’t just join up and become a Ranger.

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@kibaxcheza no one pinned a target on your back. your thoughtless words have shown you to be ignorant and hateful.

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right now we are there more for support. In fact ever since last year we have been geard more toward protection and training, allowing the people of iraq to take control of their own country. so really it was a preventative war, and now were playing the role of training wheels. Its just taking a while to get the bike moving.

@avvooooooo I know, ive done extensive research on the camps id have to go through, and the types of demands they have. I can do it, expecting that i dont get hurt like 3 of the 10 people ive talked to about it. You act like i have no clue in everything i talk about. And i am aware of the problem and flaws i posses. But what you lack is knowledge of my strengths and the power of my shear will. not to mention talking about my personal aspects is completely off topic, yet no one will say anything because youre not the one who gets targeted.

@eponymoushipster hateful, yes, very. Ignorant, no where close. You just have a distaste for my style, which makes you think that im a racist egotist.

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@kibaxcheza no, i have a distaste for your lack of style. And your comments make you a racist and an egotist. I’m just here watching your horse and pony show.

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@kibaxcheza Your statements themselves paint you as a racist egotist. And ignorant of a great many things as well. The role we’re playing in Iraq, the reasons we’re in this mess to begin with, the actual experiences of people over there that some of us have heard firsthand that belie the pretty picture that’s being painted for the general public… If you gave evidence of having a clue in any number of your comments, we wouldn’t have to assume you’re clueless. As it is, we do.

Sheer will is not all one needs. But someday, reality will smack you in the face and you’ll realize that.

There are many reasons I’m not a “target.” Starting with the fact that I don’t spout off hatefulness and ignorance at every turn.

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you cannot have a lack of style, for even then, its a style….

im not a racist. IM BLACK. grats.

but if you keep pushing this kinda shit then here we go.

proof enough for that one yet? or would you like me to pull from yalls favorite main stream media centers?

though you may want to look into reading what i say instead of just brushing it off. I didnt say i relied on my will power alone, it was in addition to something else.

but once again lets get off me, and back on topic,

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yeah, because you’re black, you’re not racist. right.~

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@eponymoushipster and @avvooooooo I’m a little confused as to why you think @kibaxcheza is racist

oh and @kibaxcheza just being black doesn’t mean you are not a racist. I’m not saying you are a racist by the way, I’ve certainly seen no evidence of that myself

Response moderated
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@RareDenver He’s been on a spree on other boards, including a comment that was removed, that lead to these points.

@kibaxcheza As you’ve been told, you were imitating the speech of those doing blackface minstrel shows. Not, as you seem to believe, a “retard.” Which is also inappropriate.

Racism is not defined as “what white people have against black people and what they do about it.” Again, something you need to educate yourself about.

There is nothing having to do with “common sense” in your statements. You have no idea what any of us do, have done, have experienced. Instead you’re sitting around whining about how misunderstood you are without bothering to try to understand anyone else in the world. Egotistical, egocentric, selfish… When you stop talking and start listening you just might learn something that allows you to sound like you know what you’re talking about.

Even if you know a whole two people who are serving/have served in Iraq, you’re not getting the full story about what’s going on in that country.

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I am probably too late for this, but could we please stop the bickering? I hate when this happens, especially when it is my question.

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No, no, no, no, no, no and no…

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youre just angry that i have concrete support and all you have is mass media, that you already said couldnt be trusted.

and ok, fine whatever, im a racist sweet, thanks. at least im not a stuck up jack ass with a sense of db entitlement because i can talk big on a site that it completely biased against republicans and people that dont talk all flowery.


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@kibaxcheza The thing is, you don’t have concrete support. You have a very limited knowledge that you’re assuming is inclusive. You’re also making the assumption that “all you [I] have is mass media” that is incorrect. Had you read one of my previous comments, you would know that I have more than that. Again, not reading, not listening, not taking anything in is not serving you well. I’m not angry about anything. You’re the one with the anger issues.

The rest of your post is nonsense. However, if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

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@avvooooooo unless Cheney is hunting it, in which case it’s probably a guy’s face.

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kibaxcheza is perfect cannon fodder, if he wants to get himself killed or pyschologically ruined let, he’s another stupid kid looking for trouble, thinks it’s cool to invade poor countries for no good reason so long as he gets to test his mettle and prove he is tough enough to his family. This attitude is mindless and yes it is insanely selfish.

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Our objectives in Iraq:
Remove Saddam. Accomplished.
Create a new democracy. Accomplished.
Create a take off point for stablization in the region. Fail.

And we had hopes they would like us. Fail.

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Basically my feelings. The results are at best mixed.

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@filmfann – Official US objectives in Iraq? I remember the list somewhat differently:

End threat created by Iraq’s WMDs. None could be found. Mission accomplished?

Another general US policy would include:

Reduce terrorist threat from islamist extermism. Fail.

Because of the Iraq war, Al-Queda recruiting “offices” are swamped with additional applicants seeking careers as suicide bombers.

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@mattbrowne lol a career as suicide bombers. I wonder if they offer retirement and a good health plan.

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@filmfann – Yes, there are excellent benefits, 401ks, and a few virgins for good measure.

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Great question, and each “sub” question could be a question unto itself. Well done. Unfortunately, I don’t have any contructive answers for that mess. Glad I’m not the President.

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You have to be a complete ass clown or an American to think you won in Iraq. America defeating Saddam is like Chuck Liddle beating Martha Steward and gloating afterwards, you have to have very little self respect for that sort of claim. And if there was ever a moral argument for 9/11, all that vanished after the American adventures. Of course that moral argument was never there for people who are more educated in America’s past. America has proven that nothing is immoral if you can control the narrative, a trait America has learned form its trusted “ally”. One good did come out of it, and that an Empire is exposed and left bare naked, so now when America lectures China, Russia and others on human rights, you just laughs it off :) All now we can hope and do is to push her along her downward journey by not buying American and feeling proud about not contributing to terror and tyranny.

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@RisingPheonix Pull my finger.
I did not support the recent war in Iraq, and recognize the prior war as a mistake began by Bush41, in miscommunicating American concerns to Saddam.
All that said, America is still seen as a place where hopes and dreams can be accomplished. After electing Obama, we are back in the hearts of many foreigners.

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