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Should America be responsible for Iraq's civil war?

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) August 10th, 2014

Could the US make Iraq another protectorate?

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responsible as in “it is their fault”, yes.

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Anti- American people will blame everything on America. Heck today it is raining when I expected a sunny August day. God damn America!!

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History will record America as responsible for not only post invasion Iraq, but the disintegration of the region overall. The magnitude of the mistake is finally coming to light, and it ain’t over yet.

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Yes, the US is responsible. No, we cannot make them a protectorate. Best solution would be to divide Iraq into three homelands- Sunni, Shia, and Kurd.

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NO. We didn’t win in Vietnam but we made a hell of a lot of difference to millions.

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Particularly the million who died

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@Stanleybmanly And the refugees here who can live in peace from all over the world? Their lives are worth something too

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@KNOWITALL It isn’t anti American to draw attention to the fact that America fkd up and did so big time. In fact America would and will be better off if more of us put down our flags and paid attention to those catastrophes in order to prevent them in the future. If you really believe we made a POSITIVE difference to millions in our involvement in Vietnam, I would appreciate an explanation.

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The Vietnam War is hindsight into a much different era. I continue to believe that US intentions were good at the outset.

Perhaps better we deconstruct the 1954 Geneva Conference, as it resulted in unsuccessful temporary partitioning of a country at war. Iraq is now a prime candidate.

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@ibstubro Great point, but the thing that has not changed and which makes Vietnam so very relevant to the current situation in Iraq, is that both situations are the direct result of misreadings on the part of an inexcusably myopic United States. To this date, there are still Americans who do not understand that the conflict in Vietnam was NOT about communism, but the unification of the country. Our shortsighted invasion of Iraq was promulgated on assumptions only possible because of a profound ignorance of the place and its history. THIS is the feature which both episodes have in common

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@Stanley i am friends with many vietnamese refugees. Working with/ for Americans was a death sentence.

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I know and it was brutally enforced. The North was particularly vicious and thorough in killing civil servants and minor officials in the South.

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