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Software for Nindendo DS action replay?

Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) January 20th, 2008

What is of the name of the software that people use to write codes for the DS action replay, and where can i get it? Specifically, I’m looking for writing codes for Pokemon Dimond and Pearl

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From all that I have been able to find, there is no way for you to make your own Action Replay DS codes. This is because the Action Replay actually modifies the code of the game that you are using, so to create your own codes for say Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. You would need to decompile the entire game, go through edit the code recompile test the game and from there figure out how to turn you hacks into action replay codes so that other players could use it. Really the only thing that you can use is, which is the official site for the Action Replay and it’s codes

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go to and buy the trainer code tool kit, its a gba slot usb attachment for your ds that lets you connect your ds to your pc and you then run the program that comes in the tool kit on your pc that finds values, for example if your pokemon had 44 pp left in a move you would type in 44 and it will search in the values for 44, etc, and then you would use that move again and it change to 43, and then you would type 43 in the program and it will slowly narrow code the right string of code that is for whatever you are trying to do…

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