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How do you make the characters talk to each other on the battlefield in Fire Emblem games?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) August 7th, 2013

I never understood how to do that. I know there’s that C, B and A ranking that tells you how close a character is to another character. I know that in order for the characters to talk to each other and develop support, they have to be right next to each other. But most of the times that I do that, the “Talk” option doesn’t appear. Sometimes it does and it catches me off-guard, but I still don’t get what conditions have to be met. Is it slightly different in each game?

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I have played Rekka no Ken, Sacred Stones, and Awakening. It is more or less similar in each game, but far less intuitive in the older games. In order to increase the support of the characters, they must fight adjacent to each other. If you are trying to gain support for two characters, they should stick to fighting side by side consistently. I’m not positive, but I think in the older games, trying to gain multiple supports per character does not work. You want to pick one path for them and stick to it (such as only supporting Lyn with Eliwood in Rekka no Ken.) In my experience, certain characters are easier to pair off and gain support with, too.

Fire Emblem: Awakening provides some tutorial help for the support system and enables you to support characters with multiple people (though certain characters are limited.) In general, Awakening is more intuitive than the past games and it is a massive game with a decent DLC library. I highly recommend it to fans of the series.

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