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How do you help an acquaintance deal with a crystal meth addiction?

Asked by Joe_Freeman (504points) September 8th, 2009

She’s also severely depressed, often suicidal, and isolating from nearly everyone. I’d like to help her out but don’t know an appropriate course of action. Please, knowledgeable advice only, no preaching.

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The “good” news is crystal meth is not physically addicting. Your friend needs help dealing with her issues. Quitting crystal meth should not be a problem once the other issues are addressed. Good luck. See ya….Gary/wtf

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A couple years ago my neighbors daughter was using crystal meth, her friends eventually told her parents who then got her into her to rehab.

maybe you and some mutual friends of hers could get together and come up with a solution to getting her to hospital/therapist without seeming too overpowering to her. Maybe that would be a good way to approach it?

good luck.

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Um, meth is absolutely physically addictive. Anyone who’s spent the night shivering in the corner after a meth comedown, or blown all their savings on the drug in a single night, can tell you that. My friends who have quit phased it out gradually, by doing less meth and more coke, and then using less coke over time. And it wasn’t a deliberate thing on their parts so much as a realization that they could be spending their money on better drugs.

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Meth is bad news because it irrevocably changes your brain. If the person is addicted, the best thing you can do is attempt to get them to consider treatment.
If they are suicidal, therapy is also a good option.
Good luck to you and your friend.

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It is physically addictive. I’ve seen lots of people get sick (puking) from withdrawl from it. Treatment! a real good one, and total removal from people and places of getting high. As a friend, and I know you really want to help, but there’s not that much you can do. It usually takes something legal to happen before an addict starts to get help. If she is truly addicted. Sorry but you’ll probably just get burned out.

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If she is ready to get help, she will let you help her. Ask her.

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im not sure where i stand on the physically addictive perspective. i have done quite a bit of crystal and aside from the associations / triggers and just daily habits we get into with some things (like meth and sex go together really well so everytime one wants to have sex they get the urge to get high if thats their association) – i have found meth to be surprisingly “non addictive” and i think this may be due to differences in body chemistries from one person to the next. i can do it pretty much daily for weeks/months and stop on a dime and no issues whatsoever. but then i hear of others who nosedive when they quit.
Regarding the original question – unfortunately – people do not stop unless they want to stop. And usually the decision to stop goes in line with a certain “hitting bottom” moment. The psychological issues you mentioned are all very serious alone and any drug – including alcohol and weed – will only make these things worse. Drugs numb people – i dont think they ever did for me though – but opne can only hide from themselves for so long. My advise wld be to find out from the person what they want to do for themselves. Then, if they are in denial and you love them so much as to take control – you can kidnap them and take them to a remote island where they can detox and clear their head and system and get to the bottom of their issues. if they want to stop – there are no shortage of excellent things to become involved with starting with AA or NA meetings all the way up to detox rehabs and whatnot.

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