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What calendar software will allow me to set reminders for various email addresses

Asked by seek2be (127points) January 21st, 2008

I am trying to setup a calendar for my office that will allow me to set reminders for events and designate an email address for the reminder. Does anyone know how to do this? I am currently installing ical on my server. Will it allow me to do this or are there addons for it that will? Thanks as always Flutherers.

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Leech's avatar let you do it. Also SMS reminders.

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That doesn’t really fix my problem though i appreciate the suggestion. I need to be able to have on event reminder go to one email address and another go to a different email address. 30boxes, like google, seems to limit you to have reminders only emailed to the account you registered with. i imagine this is to keep people from using calendars to spam. But i need tog et around it. Any other ideas – or perhaps i missed some options?

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You can do that directly through iCal. Should work fine.

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