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Synchronizing iCal to Google Calendar?

Asked by Unit134679 (96points) July 29th, 2008

I have Mac OS X Tiger on my MBP and I use iCal all the time. How can I synchronize multiple calendars in iCal to Google Calendar? I don’t want to pay for any software either: BusySync, Spanning Sync.

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get on they have an article talking about how you can do it. Just search iCal.

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Figures. I waited months for Google to come out with two-way syncing, and finally I broke down and purchased BusySync. And now they offer it. Hrmph.

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Can’t do your solution willbrawn. Seems that its only for Leopard because I don’t have the accounts tab.

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Tiger’s iCal doesn’t support WebDAV, which was introduced with Leopard.

For Tiger, use GCALDaemon. A few hoops to jump through to get it running, but once it is, you’ll forget it’s even there. I used it up until I switched to Leopard.

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Thanks GeauxTigers. I don’t want to jump those hoops so instead I’m trying this:

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This thing is awesome, free and cross-platform: Calgoo

Disclaimer – I’ve been using the demo of spanning sync for a while, and I’m about to switch to Calgoo, but I’m told it’s good… ;)

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