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Do you like complicated breakfast food?

Asked by aphilotus (2926points) September 10th, 2009

Like Biscuits and Gravy? Or Eggs Benedict? Or is there some other vaguely-complicated-to-make breakfast food that is awesome?

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Duh, biscuits and gravy.

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My mother makes a wonderful sautee of onions, tomatoes, red bell peppers and jalepeno peppers. Then she adds thinly cut strips of beef salami she had fried up earlier (no bacon in my house). On top of this mix, she carefully adds 6–10 eggs (depending on how many people are around for breakfast).

It’s scrumdiliumptious.

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I like complicated breakfast foods more for dinnertime than for the morning. My favorite breakfast-for-dinner is the classic bacon and eggs with toast. But I’ll take a slice of melon and some cottage cheese, or a cup of plain yogurt with berries for the morning.

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Eggs Benedict is one of my favorite foods, but not when I first wake up. Brunch at the earliest.

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I like complicated breakfast food, but like @wildpotato, moreso for dinner than for breakfast. It takes too long. /whinge

My grandma and I both enjoy blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon.

French toast is also delicious.

I will, however, make “complicated” breakfast for my friends if they come over. ‘Cuz they’re worth it.

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I agree with @augustlan. My dad makes amazing eggs benedict and monster omelettes when he comes to visit me. The problem is that I always sleep at least two hours later than he does, so he showers, goes to the grocery store, and cooks a huge complicated breakfast, and then wakes me up when it’s ready. It’s delicious, but I have absolutely no appetite when I first wake up. :(

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Breakfast foods are delicious, but I can’t eat them that early in the day. Too rich, maybe? Very tasty for dinner, though.

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I love the idea of severn grain breakfast, mixtures of wheat, oats, barley, soybeans, buckwheat, corn and millet, and throw in some fruit also, raisins, dried bananas, apples, and so on.

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I’ve never had complicated breakfast foods (unless french toast counts) so I don’t know.

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Tomato and avocado eggs Benedict FTW.

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Biscuits and gravy ftw!!!

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I wouldn’t say biscuits and gravy are complicated….

I love fresh french toast, it’s rare that I have it at home though.

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I love what I call “full breakfast”, something you’d get in a restaurant like pancakes with an egg and some meat stuffs and potato stuffs but I won’t cook that for myself or even let myself eat it on a regular basis. My breakfast foods have remained unchanged for near 30yrs now, a yogurt or egg or oatmeal along with a banana and some nuts. Every now and then I’ll eat leftover pizza slices or dinner food for breakfast as a treat.

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@casheroo: To me, french toast is a lot simpler than biscuits and gravy. French toast is basically soak some bread in eggs then fry it. If I’m going to have biscuits or gravy, I’m going to make them from scratch with White Lily flour and buttermilk, which I’ll have to make a special trip to the store for. I only make gravy when I’m cooking some kind of meat because IMHO it must be made from pan drippings (a package or mix is just not gravy to me) so I’m going to have to start by making a roux, I could go on and on. As you might guess, I’m a lot more likely to make french toast, personally.

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@La_chica_gomela You also need milk for french toast. Vanilla and cinnamon doesn’t hurt, either.

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@Sampson Well, you’re much more likely to have regular milk on hand than buttermilk. Or at least I am. :)

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Me too. I drink milk with all my meals and snacks in the house, so I take it for granted that I’ll have it. And if I have to go get some, then I would have had to do that anyway. And who doesn’t keep vanilla, cinnamon and sugar in their house?

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Full English, Yo.

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