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Has anyone thought they were pregnant and went to the doctor's and got a negative result, but really were pregnant?

Asked by Steverpeeps (290points) September 11th, 2009

I’m just curious if this has happened. I’m 2 weeks late, with some pregnancy syptoms (nausea, headaches, tired, crampy, etc). I DID go to the dr, but it was negative. Still no period. I know stress can make it late, or just make you miss it. But, I was just wanting to know if anyone has had this problem and they really were pregnant. And please, no one say “go back to the dr”. I will be going if it still doesn’t come, I just want to see if this has happen. (And I did get a negative home test also) Just want to know if it is possible

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Never happened to me

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Never happened to me too…

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I had a Dr. miss a pregnancy during a physical exam, yes. Get yourself a urine or blood test, those are pretty damned good.

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I got the pee test done. But I also found out that dr test are harder to detect. They can pick up the HCG levels anywhere from 50 to 100. Home tests and do like 20.

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@Steverpeeps: I’d never bother with a home test, just go to your Dr. or a clinic, time is important for these things.

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Yeah, like I said, I did. But it was negative. I’m still feeling like this, and still late.

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@Steverpeeps just out of curiosity, do you want to be pregnant?

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NO! I already have a 2 year old potty- training – don’t need another at this time. I just don’t want to be pregnant and not know it. Also, I don’t want to hurt it if I am. Simply put – 21 b-day coming up.

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Go get a blood test.

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@Steverpeeps any idea how your partner feels? I’ve no advice per se I’m just nosy.

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I want to! And I might! My husband doesn’t want another right now either, but if it happens he will support me and it.

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You could just abstain from being a moron on your birthday just because you want to.
Better safe then sorry with a brain damaged baby.

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@asmonet where did that insinuation come from?

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I would at least call the doctor to ask what you should do next. I’ve never heard of someone getting a negative test at the doctor and later finding out it was wrong, but I have heard that false negatives on home pregnancy tests are more common than false positives. At this point, just rely on the doctor to advise you what to do next.

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Certainly there are enough women whose doctors missed the diagnosis for the series I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant to have plenty of fodder for future shows. As others have said, check back with the doctor if your period still doesn’t start or if you notice any other indications of pregnancy.

At least one person on the internet had a negative test but turned out to be pregnant, so it is possible, but it would seem to be very uncommon. However, some other conditions have similar symptoms to pregnancy and some of these are serious, so you do need to talk to your doctor again.

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EPT tests suck, You have to take the Clearblue tests (get the ones that say “pregnant” “not pregnant”).

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@RareDenver: She hinted at her 21st birthday approaching and her plans for it. Generally, this means drinking. Personally, if there was a chance I was pregnant I wouldn’t risk it for a few hours of fun. her comment didn’t say she was erring on the side of caution and not drinking or anything else that may harm a baby, but rather that the event was important and she just plain hopes she isn’t so she can have her fun anyway.

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My fave pregnancy test is First Response. But I used dollar store ones this time around, and they worked just fine.

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OK. Even with a blood test some labs say negative when it is less than twenty. I think I had a test that came back with 16, which would be considered a chemical pregnancy because I was already a few days past my missed period, and then wound up with an HSG that got up to 1400 and an ectopic. Not saying you have an ectopic, just saying I would pee on another stick in a week if you still don’t get your period,

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Yes. I went to the doctor and they told me I was not pregnant. I took a home test 3–4 weeks later because I was still convinced. It was positive, so I went back to the doctor. Sure enough, I was pregnant and far enough along that I was also pregnant at the first visit. I will say the first time I went I was not far along at all. Three days, to be exact. My periods were all wonky, so I have no idea if I missed one or not.

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@JLeslie So strange, I had a blood test with the results of 2 which meant it was “indeterminable” and I had already miscarried apparently. They called it a chemical pregnancy as well.

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@casheroo Now that I think about it more, it might have been 6? It was a long time ago. I remember the nurse telling me, I had started bleeding but was not cramping, and she said, “your not pregnant.” And, I said, “I have never been late and not pregnant, and you are telling me I have an HSG, so why are you saying I’m not pregnant?” She then went on to say that it is so low it might as well not be pregnant, But then several days later I started to get some side pain and still bleeding, My HSG had gone way up, and later I was diagnosed with the ectopic. Flippin’ nightmare. I think I have said on fluther before that I have been pregnant five times and all ended very early.

Yours might have gone up and been coming back down already?

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Ok, first of all – I’m not a moron. I don’t plan on getting drunk on my b-day. I am going to have A drink. Second of all, to all the people that are telling me to go/talk to the dr, I said I was planning on it if it still doesn’t come; so telling me to go is not helping. Yeah, I did watch that show; that’s kinda what gets me freaked out more! lol. I know all that is rare though.
JLeslie – yeah that is one of my concerns. I have endometriosis and I heard you are a little more at risk.
Supacase- WOW! That’s more like the answer I was looking for! Thanks!
The person that said I was going to be a moron for drinking A DRINK on my b-day got 2 great answers for that? That very uncool. I’m not like all those other people out there that drink until they see pink elephants! I’ve never even had anything other than a wine cooler! Dude!

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Despite what the home tests say, two weeks is not far enough along in many cases to tell if you are preganant. Lots of things can happen to throw your cycle off, like messing up on taking BC pills for a few days, stress, etc. Give it until the end of the week, and make another appointment for a blood test. In the meantime, get plenty of rest, and eat right.

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I know stress can. I’m going to re-test and call my dr in another week. I’m not on any BC though.

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21 years ago my wife thought she was pregnant. She went to a doctor and he told her she was pregnant. And it turned out she was pregnant. My advice: take a second test.

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