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Embarrassing: I have a foot fungus, need help (not athlete's foot)

Asked by dinomight (64points) September 12th, 2009

I shared a dorm shower last year, and at the beginning of the summer, I got a foot fungus. nothing to surprising, living with many other people. But it still hasn’t gone away, even with Lamasil…

Here’s the thing. I don’t think it’s athletes foot. There is no itching, no burning, no pain what so ever. But the bottom of each of my toes is pocked and looks chewed up. There are literally holes in the first layer of skin (which has become thicker and turned opaque) what the heck is it?! And what can I do?

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Chemist or a Doctor is what you need , not .

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I had a similar problem recently, my toenails are splitting (yuck). Try a podiatrist you might need to be taking the Lamasil orally.

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Ha, that happened to me when I didn’t wash my Crocs often enough.

Um…scrub your feet? Try a salt water bath. And either clean or get rid of the offending shoes. (Shoes should be cleaned periodically, either in the washing machine or with bleach.)

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A decade ago, i caught athletes foot from roommates I was staying with. I soaked my feet in bleachwater every day, and that cured it, and I haven’t had it since. The kind I had was the itchy kind, though. But if bleach cured that fungus, I’m sure it might probably cure your fungus. The bleach will cause it to get dry and peel (and itch) temporarily. All socks should be washed with bleach and hot water until the problem goes away, too. I used a solution of 75% water and 25% household bleach.

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Go to a dermatologist!

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Try a different antifungal. Use a clean towel every day and make sure the area is completely dry, wear clean socks everyday (I would recomend merino wool socks such as ice breaker or smartwool) and use an antifungal shoe spray as well. Put your socks on before you put in any other clothes (trust me, you don’t want to transfer the infection to your groin).

If it don’t improve after a week go and see the doctor.

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Once you clear it up, you may wish to consider wearing flip-flops in the shower. It’s annoying, but it got me through dorm life with no fungus.

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Yeah, you can try soaking it in some sort of antiseptic, but fungus can be stubborn. I think if you’re losing skin layers at this point, you may want to go to Student Health so you can get the right cream or treatment.

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Sounds horrible! Often fungi cannot be treated topically. Your doctor can probably tell you what it is specifically, or send you to someone who can, and they will probably prescribe you an anti-fungal pill and maybe a stronger topical treatment along with it.

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Topical Lamisil takes a long, long time to work, if it does work. My husband has been told to use a prescription-strength version for about a year to get rid of his toe fungus. Even oral medications take a long while to work.

However, going to see a doctor would be the best idea, to be certain what you have is a fungus, and to get the most effective treatment for it.

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My best guess is pitted keratolysis. Do this pictures look right? You will almost certainly need prescription antibiotics. Call your doc. And don’t be embarrassed. If you got it from your dorm shower, at least one other person in your dorm has/had the same thing.

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