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How can you tell if your blister is healing well?

Asked by Moegitto (2305points) October 17th, 2011

I got a blister (finally) from walking on the treadmill. It started to hurt, so I had to pop it (using a sterile poker, small hole on the side). It’s been about a couple of days since then. I’ve used peroxide to purge infection (No white fizz pops up, first good sign), then an alcohol pad to wipe after I wipe off the peroxide, then some neosporin, then finish with a anti-scar bandaid. There’s hasn’t been any pus forming, and some parts of the area are getting harder (not rock hard, but they don’t feel like loose skin.). The area isn’t becoming red or anything, but I’m becoming an impatient kid waiting to be able to stop babying this blister/bubble/annoying spot.

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I was taught that you should never deliberately drain a blister. Your body will take care of the excess fluid within a couple of days. I have four blisters on the souls of my feet from wearing the wrong shoes on a long walk. They bugged me like crazy for a couple of days but the pain went away on the third day.

I’m expecting that the skin will come off in the next few months but I’ll wait for that to happen naturally.

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Sounds like you’ve done everything right and it’s healing. Use the Neosporin and keep it lightly bandaged until you can see it’s okay. Every body has a different timetable for healing. If you heal quickly, you’re lucky; if not, you have to be more patient.
DON’T pick at it.
(I sound like a mom, don’t I?)

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@tranquilsea I remember from waaaaaaay back that some blisters need to be popped. Not peeled, but slow drained.

@Sunny2 I don’t even look at my blister long enough to pick them, lol. I tried googling, but only thing I turn up is pictures of infected blisters, which I don’t even come close to having.

When I was a kid I used to tear them bad boys open, but now I’m trying to do the right thing. Small poke to leave the skin as a shield, turns of anti-biotics, band-aids, and careful observation. Weirdly it only hurts when I have a band-aid on, and then only when walking barefoot. No pain in my shoes or even when I walk on the treadmill. I’m a diabetic and I am super foot cautious, that’s I always have lotion and my Pedi-egg on standby, lol

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I have always used a sterile straight or safety pin to poke a hole in the bottom of a blister. Draining the fluid always seemed to make the blister heal faster. I would also use an antiseptic and keep it uncovered as much as possible.

Air helps to heal blisters.

Before using a straight or safety pin, be sure burn the pointed end till it turns red and use alcohol on the blister before penetrating it with the pin.

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I never purposely pop my blisters, but they many times tear on their own. I also never baby my blisters much, I just wash them if it does pop, so they are clean, and then maybe a little antibacterial ointment and a bandaid when I wear shoes. I usually take off the bandaid for a while when I am at home,

Are you hoping for a callus? Or, you want it to heal back as normal skin?

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@JLeslie more than likely I want some normal skin back, but I’m happy as long as an infection doesn’t pop up.

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@Moegitto I know you are at more risk because you are diabetic, so I understand your concern. You should look up wound care. My sister used to train nurses in wound care. My sister used to say don’t use alcohol, and she recommended using antibacterial ointment and keeping it clean is best. I think blisters are unlikely to get infected, or less likely than say a cut or puncture. It should heal in a few days. If it isn’t better in a week, maybe ask a doctor. If it gets worse, or if red streaks start going up your leg that is an emergency. Red streaks indicate a very dangerous blood infection and require IV antibiotics usually.

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@JLeslie No red streaks or color change. No odor either (I didn’t realize how hard it would be to smell my foot as I got older, lol), I just hate waiting. Being a Diabetic means I have to exercise to stay normal. Everyday I’m not walking makes me feel susceptible to infections and what not. I know it takes WAY more than a couple of days off workouts to get sick, but I get anxious when I’m not doing my daily routine.

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Why aren’t you doing your daily routine?

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I do, but I took an off day today because I suck at keeping band-aids on my feet :P. Band-aids hurt when they bunch up in your socks.

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I use Nexcare brand, I am allergic to Bandaid brand. My Nexcare never fall off or bunch up. Also, white tape, the one you use for holding gauze on a wound can be used also, but I think the nexcare are easier. They have special sport ones. Maybe some of the ointment is getting in the sticky area, and so it isn’t adhering well.

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It should be pretty much healed today. Is it? Keep it clean and air it as much as you can. Use A&D ointment to help it heal.

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