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Are there any free Autotuner VSTs out there?

Asked by beatthelastboss (306points) September 12th, 2009

I use fruity loops demo and have been looking for a FREE auto-tuner vst or other plugin format. Remember, FREE, not ever $2, I am kinda broke :P Thanks so much, if there isn’t one out there, do you know of another way to get a similarly cool effect?

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Does Garageband come in a free demo version? I know it has autotune.

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@beatthelastboss I don’t use Fruity loops, I’m with the Logic crowd, but I’ve done a bit of digging.

I have found a program called GSnap

There is also an online manual

I don’t know how good/reliable it is so obviously can’t endorse it and you’ll have to check it out yourself and make your own mind up.

There are a number of user comments (both good and bad) on the following youtube video

There is also a further youtube video that tells you how to install VST’s in to Fruity loops (in case you don’t know)

I hope this helps and provides what you are looking for. Let us know.


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Thank you so much! It works very well, but I had to mess with the settings for quite a while. Once I got something I liked, I placed it several times throughout the insert and got the perfect T-Pain effect! Thanks so much!


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Hey Nic that’s brilliant and I’m really glad it works.

Writing music on a computer can bring so many headaches can’t it, so it’s nice when something comes along that works and is free too.

Result! You are most welcome.


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gsnap. search it and its completely free, not a trial or a trick or a demo. its ALMOST as good as Antares autotune, and it works with ALL vst capable mixing programs. well worth it.

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If you have a mac, it comes with your computer.

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