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What's the name of this jazz song?

Asked by give_seek (1308points) November 8th, 2013

I heard a jazz song on NPR about a month ago. There was a female vocalist, and in the chorus, she kept repeating 12:59 (or 1:59). I’ve looked on NPR, I’ve looked on YouTube, iTunes, about 15 lyric websites. I even tried those apps that you sing into or hum into, but they couldn’t find it either. At this point, PLEASE DON’T offer suggestions on what else I should try. (I’m too frustrated for that.) I’d like to see if anyone knows the song first. Thanks!

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Need more info.

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Here is a better link to the song @glacial mentioned.

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@filmfann thanks for trying. The song I’m looking for is a jazz tune sung by a woman.

@rarebear I wish I had more information. I’m sure I would be able to find the song if I did. LOL

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