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Is Paris Hilton the next Shakespeare? Where have all the wordsmiths gone?

Asked by Zen (7748points) September 13th, 2009

See link:

Will one of your quotes be immortalized? What is it?

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Good “wordsmiths” can be found here. In addition to photography and photoshop stuff. All around great site!

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They are probably in hollywood, trying to make it.

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Paris Hilton is just a rich airhead. She’s talentless and people continue to idealize her as if she were something special. I’m tired of hearing about her. And for heavens sake, does anybody really understand what she says?!

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@kheredia Yes. She said “that’s hot.”


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Some of the most talented wordsmithing in my opinion comes from music lyrics these days.

The closest I’ll ever come to having a quote immortalized, I pretty much got my entire community college saying, “if all else fails, say fuck it and order a pizza.”

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That’s Huge!
The new That’s Hot….

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New? Ladies have been telling me that for years!

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@Zen (^_^’)-b pineapple and ham!

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@Axemusica Aint heard that one b4

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I’ll pick the pineapple off mine if it’s all the same. Hot fruit is a pet peeve of mine.

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