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Do you think that women should not be a (criminal) judge?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) September 14th, 2009

I found an article( but it’s in dutch) where it says that women shouldn’t be a (criminal) judge or there should be less women as a judge because they’re not suited for this kind of job. What do you think of this statement? If you’re pro or con on this let me know your reasons and your arguments

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And does the author of that article actually provide reasons or is that just his opinion?

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Can you provide a link to the article?

Anybody can do any job. I don’t think you’ll get much of an argument out of this jelly crowd regarding this question.

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Any blanket statement about what women should or should not do professionally is rubbish and not worth discussing.

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What year did that article come out?

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Justice O’Connor was one of my favorite Justices, so whoever said this is a bonehead in my opinion.

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let me guess… women are too emotional, right?

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And we menstruate.

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No judge should be a criminal judge. We prefer our judges to be ethical and moral.

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^^^^^^you, sir, just made my day. Thank you.

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I think a women’s place is in the kitchen, pregnant and barefoot. If it’s cold, she can wear slippers.

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That’s a type of sexism called “benevolent sexism” which is when men have the tendency to “protect” women because those men feel women can’t take the same stuff men can and somehow need to be protected.

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If you’ll point out the author of that article when I’m on the front line, I’ll be happy to shoot him.

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In what country was this article published?

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It sounds like garbage to me. Let me guess: the author was male!

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It IS garbage and some middle-aged-nonsense… I am male…

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Women are eminently qualified to be judges in all different types of courts. That’s just my opinion but it is a very good one and probably a very popular one too. Right ladies?

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Officially I’d say no. But based on my recent experience with female judges, female prosecutors, female lawyers and even female doctors I have come to believe that perhaps all women should stay at home and do the dishes and not be allowed to study. Actually scrap that, they’ll probably break the dishes. All women should spend their whole lives isolated on some desert island where men would only visit if they wanted to have sex.

The quality of work of ALL women professionals have come accross in the past 3 years is so sloppy that it’s not just below par, it’s way below the worst bored male bureaucrat a day before his retirement. Not only did the judge in question not show some extra compassion towards my child, what with being a woman and all, but she was extremely heartless, to the point where she made the average assembly-line robot sound sensitive by comparison. Oh and I forgot to mention the woman at the child protection agency, the female director of the orphanage and also the female social worker. I’m still trying to decide which of them is worst, but I’m pretty sure they’ll all burn in hell if there is any type of God, even a kind and loving one that forgives all sins.

An exception to all of the above is a policewoman I met last Christmas. Not a saint or anything, but at least she remember to offer my daughter something to eat after they’d been interrogating the poor child for 13 hours non-stop. And she had the decency to feel ashamed for what they’d done to her.

ok, rambling over. There is no evidence to suggest this was anything more than a series of coincidences, even though I’m starting to believe there are at least social reasons (if not biological) why women in a position of power have something to prove. Just look at Margaret Thatcher.

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@Jack79 I suggest therapy. You’ve got issues.

which is a whole lot nicer than what I originally typed

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I would follow your advice but the shrink I know is female. She has read half a book on Freud and calls herself a scientist.

So let me get this right: my daughter is molested and when I prove that in court the FEMALE judge says “it’s ok, lots of kids get molested, let her get used to it”. And your interpretation of this is that I’ve got issues? Makes me wonder what your original statement would be. Probably that the policewoman should have shot my daughter to prove how macho women can be?

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@Jack79 you can’t really hit them enough when they’re pregnant though…

well not that it really matters anyway, it’s not like you actually pay the child support…

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Don’t let Judge Judy Sheindlin find the author of that piece! Whooo, boy, would he be in for it!

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@Jack79 I’m sorry you’ve had such shitty luck with women in power.

Do realize though, that you’re talking about these things and your daughter who is, I assume, a female.

So your daughter should spend her life “isolated on some desert island where men would only visit if they wanted to have sex”?


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@Likeradar I like that Island. Where is it?

Seriously, though. Enough with the desert island. If it’s a desert, it aint an Island. It’s deserted Island.


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@Zen just quoting @Jack79. I’d much prefer a dessert island myself.

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Oh and one more thing: before going to that deserted island, all women should have humour injections so that they can tell when someone is joking. And then yes, beat them on the head with a club.

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Desert doesn’t mean lack of water. It means lack of life. The largest desert in the world is in the middle of the pacific ocean, where there is no algae, seaweed, fish, or anything other than water and dirt.
In CastAway, Tom Hanks is on a deserted island, because there are plants and sealife.

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@peyton_farquhar @tinyfaery @les The link of the article is in the detail box but it’s in dutch because we’re based on dutch system so I don’t think you’ll be able to understand it.

And the year of the article is this year.

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Ok, ok, enough already! Uninhabited island, happy now? Oh wait, but then if they’re all there, it won’t be uninhabited anymore. Well, whatever. You know what I mean.

(and of course my daughter is excluded :P)

From what I understood the Dutch article goes something like this:

“Don’t get me wrong. I love women. I believe that if they were in charge of economics, we wouldn’t be facing the current crisis. And if they had been in charge of the USSR, perhaps socialism would have worked after all.” and goes on to say how women are becoming in charge of countries (such as Merkel in Germany) and international organisations, and all the good they have often done. But in the Netherlands 87% of the new judges are women, and according to the writer this means that judges overall will become softer, since women are more lineant than men when it comes to passing sentences (in my opinion it’s the exact opposite).

And goes on along those lines. My Dutch is not good, but enough to get the gist.

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hmmm interesting!

I’m with Marina. Seems veritably obvious…and if not, maybe the woman has mother issues.

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