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Changing tables for babies' (diapers) in Men's Room?

Asked by Zen (7748points) September 14th, 2009

My daughter was born in the wintertime in a large city in N.A. in the early 90’s. I worked mornings, then took over the daddy duties until my wife returned home from work. Later on, I found I enjoyed being with her so much, I actually quit work for a while, spent the day with her, then went to school at night (but that’s an aside).

I found that in the early 90’s there were almost no changing tables in the Men’s Room of museums, theatres, cinemas gas stations or even McDonalds and the like.

It’s almost 2010. You flutherites are from all over the world and I’m curious: Do you have changing tables in your Men’s Room wherever you are in the world?

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I’ve noticed that on most Turnpike’s service areas that there is, in addition to mens and ladies rooms, there is a large single bathroom labeled “Family”. This is where the pull-down changing table is located.

It is also large enough to accomodate a wheelchair as well.

I think this is a wonderful idea as it also meets the needs of any transgendered individuals as well.

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I’ve seen them around a lot. I couldn’t compare the amount to women’s bathrooms because I’m not a pervert.

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From what I hear, they’re in quite a few men’s rooms. Many places (Target, the mall, some restaurants, movie theaters…) also have family rooms, with a child-size toilet and a changing table. The whole family can go in there, lock the door, and do what they gotta do.

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In Sweden, there is always a changing table in the handicap toilet, which are very common. Otherwise no, not so much.

@Zen What is N.A.?

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@oratio North America.

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No , people still think only the mothers change the babies nappy . Tho there are rooms specially for babies , and anyone can take baby in to change . But these rooms aint everywhere

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I see changing tables in plenty of mens’ restrooms.

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Here in Canada they are everywhere.

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I have seen many of them in men’s restrooms here in the Boston area. I have also seen the “family rooms” mentioned above – mostly at malls.

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Saw them in the Franklin Institute in Philly this past weekend. And I’ve seen them in all the men’s rooms in Walt Disney World….

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Yeah, I see them everywhere nowadays in the men’s room.

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It just really depends on the place. But my husband just loves to walk out of the men’s bathroom to inform me that he cannot change our sons diaper because there’s no changing table in the mens room.
I’ve noticed malls have gotten up to speed, and there’s always the “family bathroom” which is great for mothers or fathers shopping with multiple young children, so they can keep an eye on them and do the diaper changing.

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I have never ever seen one in the men’s room in Holland. Come to think of it: I need to rent a baby to lurk in the women’s bathroom.

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In the UK most larger places do. I used to visit a betting shop that had a baby changer in the mens (this was despite the fact that it would actually be illegal to take the baby in to the betting shop in the first place).

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@Lightlyseared What a great way to spend time with daddy , watching him flutter away the pennies he should be spending on you ( they baby ) .

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yup. while at the same time breathing in that thick smog of secondhand smoke you always got in the bookies.

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@sandystrachan; lurve for using the words “nappy” and “ain’t” in the same scentence!

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@Judi Is that a sentence that smells good – scentence?

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Hey, my iPhone doesn’t have a very good spell check!

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@Judi No, but does it smell nice?

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