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How do you write a 'sponsor' letter or request?

Asked by Jill_E (885points) January 22nd, 2008

Our community would love a farmers market in town. To have one, it costs 1,500. I wonder how do you write a sponsor letter to local companies to help out the community’s wish. Thanks in advance.

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my suggestions

you need to give yourselves a name first
you need to know who your members on the committee organizing this are
do you have a business plan like what is this $1500 for (i assume renting the space)
for how many months, hours
what about parking, marketing
are you charging admission too or is admission free
what are you charging the farmers to set up tables
do you have enough farmers interested

January 13, 2008


Members of the city/town of xxx have expressed interest in developing a local farmers market. A small local group of us have assembled to form FILL IN NAME OF GROUP.

We are soliciting sponsorships from ten local companies in the amount of One Hundred Fifty Dollars ($150.00) annually to help fund set up of our local farmers market. Fifty dollars will be earmarked for ________________, fifty dollars will be earmarked for ___________ and the remainder used for general operating expenses. We are proud to report that, with the help of team of XX volunteers, who generously donated their time for free, we have created a business plan and already have the interest of X of farmers.

If you wish to contribute and be a part of our corporate membership, please enclose a cheque for $150.00 (or any other amount you are comfortable with) and submit it to the following address. If we are unable to secure funds from the ten companies we targetted, we will expand and approach additional companies to fund the difference:


Please indicate, along with your check, if you wish to be recognized as a corporate sponsor and listed on Farmers Market web site (if you have one of course!!!!) FILL IN NAME HERE . This listing will include links to your web site and a contact person of your choice. If you would like to sponsor a meeting and/or supply a presenter to speak on your company and its contributions to the area, please contact us by email at FILL THIS IN. We are having a sign professionally made the names of ALL contributing corporate sponsors and will proudly disply it at the entrance of the farmers market.

Our Vision
To be able to offer a farmers market to the people of XXX where they can buy local goods and chat with neighbors. This will be held from XX month to XX month, likely between the hours of xx and xx.

Thank you in advance for your participation! If you have any additional questions, please call me at FILL IN

Corporate Sponsorship Committee

now official groups have info like this. i dont know if it costs money to incorporate yourself etc but you should look it up perhaps. taxes are always a big deal to corporations.

Copama is a 501©(3) Non-Profit Organization
Tax-Exempt # 13–51307

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Sample letter for a football club which ask a company to sponsor
the club in its equipment-jersey,stocking,money etc..

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