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What would happen if the moon disappeared?

Asked by erichw1504 (26396points) September 16th, 2009

So, the moon’s gone for one reason or another. What would happen? What would change? What would you do? How would you react? Would you be happy or sad? Would the night sky be less exciting?

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Life, as we know it, would cease to exist.

Actually I just wanted to be dramatic, I have no idea what would happen.

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The tides would stop functioning , the earth would change its pull and head somewhere else . We would then all die , unless NASA make a fame moon . Or is the moon we see faked by NASA , are we really here or just inside the internets .

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@sandystrachan I totally forgot about all that scientific stuff.

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Yes, life actually would most likely cease to exist. The moon’s gravitational pull keeps north north for the earth, keeps us rotating on our axis. The seasons would not happen as they do, we would be spinning differently, probably more eratic I would guess.

If you mean without the science, just the idea that the moon is no longer in the sky at night…I guess we would just get used to it not being there, no big deal.

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Theres a really good episode of “The Universe” on History channel about this.


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OMG rent Space 1999 now!

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We’d be free of lunatics.

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The length of a day would stay at 24 hours forever.

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Guy who hang their asses out of car windows would have to find a new name for their hobby.

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The market for flashlights would boom.

And emergency room staff would no longer fear the night of the full moon.

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Also, you wouldn’t be able to “wow” ignorant peoples by “causing the sun to disappear” during a total eclipse. Of the Sun.

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No more werewolves.

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Aw I would be sad. I like the moon.

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Joe is actually correct, for various reasons.

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I know what happens if it gets split in half: Thundarr The Barbarian roams about.

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@mrentropy : I see what you did there in your first response. Hehehe…

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@uberbatman wish I could give more than one GA for that.

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It actually disappears, or becomes invisible, at least once a month. When it comes back it’s called a “New Moon.”

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@Yetanotheruser It doesn’t disappear or become invisible—duh! It’s eaten by a dragon and then the new one just sort of appears.

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@mrentropy Is the new one the dragons poo?

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@RareDenver That would be the next logical step, in my mind.

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Wow the dragon poo is soo bright , what gives it it’s glow ?
The dragon only poops once a month , that must hurt

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@mrentropy so taking @Yetanotheruser answer maybe we should rename it a “Poo Moon” ??

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@RareDenver Let’s write some calendar companies and see if we can get them to do it. I’d be game for it.

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@sandystrachan c’mon sandy everyone knows dragons have worms, but what with all the fire in their belly they are glow worms

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@mrentropy yeah, I’ll let you start that letter writing campaign

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So the moon is a great big glow worm that the dragon poos out once a month and then eats his own poo?

textbook example of deterioration of a thread

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@Yetanotheruser textbook example of religion

sandystrachan's avatar

Textbook example of copying from a textbook
Praise the all mighty dragon moon poop glue worms

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first moon’s gravitational influence would disappear so the flux and reflux will disappear,Earth’s orbit will change a little bit and this will affect the ocean currents which carry heat along the Earth(if heat distribution would change than the climate would change too and if this change probably a lot of ecosystems would disappear because the change will be to fast for organism to adapt).
Second the night will be more darker and colder because the light reflected by the moon will disappear .
So it will suck if moon disappear

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The Earth’s orbit would be unchanged, but it’s tides would stop, killing off a very large amount of sea life, and causing the end of civilization within 3–5 years.
So, ya, it would be a bummer.

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You mean I could eat as late as I ant and not get reflux?~

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I ate some moon last night , it didn’t get off the plate . I think i need to enlist the help of more , so who wants to help eat more moon tonight ?

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No more Moon Pies.
No more Andy Williams singing “Moon River”.
Something else would have to hit your eye like a big pizza pie to be called “amore”.
We’d need to do something else with our green cheese supply.
The Man who lives there would be homeless.
People who play Hearts would need another term for running the table and collecting all of the hearts tricks and queen of spades.

I don’t even want to think about the Congressional inquiries that would be started.

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We’d have to come up with another nickname for Daloon’s avatar!

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All the wolves would be sad and the werewolves would disappear.

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Coastal and other shallow water ocean navigation would be a lot simpler without having to worry about tides. There would be no such thing as “Mean Low Water”: sea levels would be relatively constant.

On the other hand, we’d miss a lot of seafood, since the littoral zones of the world’s oceans are the most productive of the life we like to eat. One of the things that makes those littoral zones so productive is the diurnal tides, and the primary thing that makes tides is… the moon’s gravitational pull.

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My girlfriend would be depressed. The moon makes her high.

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