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Has anyone used this site?

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) March 17th, 2009
and why is it that hardly any activity is happens over the uk skies ,not just satellites but all space activity

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No. But that is SWEET!

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then maybe you will like this also

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Thanks for the cool links.

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if anyone has other links to similar site post them here i would love to visit them

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Cool site. What’s with all the Iranian rockets and satellites over my head?

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@AlfredaPrufrock they are just awaiting orders to obliterate the planet :L

is there any other activity over your head regards to space

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Why does the Safir-2 (Iranian rocket)keep passing my house? And the Lacrosse 5 spy satellite likes my area too.

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@popo7676 those are the two that passes here

last week when china or somewhere launched a satellite/rocket it was passin over my area once every early morning .

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nice link, Sandy – thanks!

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glad to be of some service @VS i enjoy things to do with space

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Thanks for the links, those are pretty cool.

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