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Where do owls go in the daytime?

Asked by beatthelastboss (306points) September 17th, 2009

They are all over at night, but disappear during the day.

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Some sleep during the day , or feed their young . Many owl are still very active during the daylight hours , it’s just a case of knowing where to look . My owl doesn’t sleep during the daylight or nighttime , power naps is it’s thing .

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There’s a little aviary in a state park in my home town where I used to visit frequently. The owls always slept during the day.

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It depends on the type of owl as to where they are more likely to be. Like others have said though, a lot of them sleep during the day.

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They sleep, often up in trees. There was a pair of owls I used to observe in a park near my house.

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back to the owl kingdom

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Little known fact, owls have actually mastered the art of invisibility. During the day, they typically follow around humans.

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@Sarcasm No the truth is owls are shapeshifters. During the day they become elementary school crossing guards and meter maids.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra During the day they become elementary school crossing guards and meter maids.

Meter maids are owls? I hope not.

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They go to the Owl inn.

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@beatthelastboss Actually I see owls during the day, more than at night. All you need to do is find a nice forest to hike in near your home and spend maybe an hour or two looking upwards occasionally.

I have seen mom & dad owls feeding their owlets and seen a mid-afternoon swoop for a mouse lunch, too.

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Several owls used to roost during the day in the rafters of my car port when I lived in Florida. They were screech owls who always made a great point of pretending I wasn’t there so that I would return the favor.

In Miami and points southward, owls spent the day either in hollows in dead palm trees or snuggled in between the dead fronds.

However, here in Texas, a Great Horned Owl used to like to sit on the fence in my backyard so he could watch the pigeons come and go. Eventually even such bird brains as pigeons figured out he was there so I no longer had pigeons on my roof. At least until they realized he had moved on.

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Owl dreamland!

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@Darwin thanks for the lovely owl pictures, those made my evening!

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@evelyns_pet_zebra – You are most welcome. Owls are fascinating and lovely creatures.

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is this a serious question? where does your brain go during the… all the time?

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@madcapper sure , why wouldn’t i

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@sandystrachan I mean… thats pretty cool haha

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In the United States owls are protected so you can’t own one unless you have all of the various permits. However, you can always make your yard inviting and so share it with an owl.

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