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Are you more of a morning or evening person? How do you work around this?

Asked by Just_Justine (6486points) March 9th, 2010

I feel like daytime is a blur much harder in all ways. Too bright, noisy, too many people around. I just feel tired and exhausted. As soon as night falls I am wide awake. I would then consider that I am a night person. Or nocturnal. Are you a morning person or a night person? If so how do you “manage” it in terms of your job.Do you think being a night person is a “sickness” of some sort? Have you managed to swing things around in order to suite your type of sleep pattern? Or do you think it’s all hogwash and basically we should all sleep more or less as the sun sets and rises?

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Evening.I work for myself,so it is not a problem.I do like early morning walks in the summer though and will pick that up again when it gets warmer :)

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I live for the night. I’d spend all night awake and sleep in the morning if I could. I’ve been like that since I was a teenager, and it’s only been exacerbated by having bipolar disorder.

Of course, now it’s unhealthy for me to stay up past midnight. Or earlier. It brings on mania. Maybe that’s why I like it. I go on and on, getting more and more wired and exhausted at the same time. I get obsessive and can’t stop doing whatever it is I’m doing. Of course, if I were single, you can be sure I’d be in a bar or a club or something sophisticated, looking for someone.

Basically, I don’t ever want to sleep, and as a result, I am constantly tired. Stupid, too. It’ll take years off my life. I really don’t want that.

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Morning person here.. I take naps in the afternoon. ;-)

Nice to have a couch in the office.

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I push it hard all day long but LOVE the morning! I love to be outside when the sun comes up it is absolutely the best part of the day. As far as sleep….what’s that??

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No one(included me) work in the morning in my country(and no job is offered at night). If I can choose I would prefer to balance my time. I love the fresh air,beautiful scenery,quietness(depends on your house condition),etc in the morning. I love the quietness,cold air,privacy,opportunity,etc that only available at night. So,It’s hard for me to choose the best I want. I would say that I need to occasionally change(if possible) my usual time/schedule from morning to night and vice versa. So I can experience both advantage.

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I really enjoy both the morning and the night time. Because of work, I can’t always do this, but my ideal day would be:

Wake up at 5am and watch the sun come up with a cup of coffee. Then go about my daily business until 1pm, when I take a nap. Awake from nap at 5pm and have dinner, watch some TV, go out and socialize, etc. until 1am. Sleep for another 4 hours and start over. :)

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@Doctor_D did I understand your answer correctly where you said no one works in your country in the morning? If so where do you live? I want to move there!

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@wundayatta is it part of bipolar then this night thing. I feel so ill though now, if I push it too late. Although I love it!

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@Just_Justine Sorry I mistype my answer when I meant “No one(included me) work *—in the morning- at night in my country(and no job is offered at night). I live in Indonesia. Sorry if I disappoint you. It’s weird that I can’t cross my “in the morning” words.

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I’m a night person, but I just go to bed early anyway, usually 11:30 or 12 and get up at 7. I’d rather not, but one can’t look for jobs at night. :/

Once, in between film jobs, I let myself go to what I felt most comfortable with, and I fell asleep by 3AM and was up by 10:30. I felt the most energetic around 10pm.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities: I’ve heard that that schedule (8 hours awake, then four asleep) is actually pretty healthy.

I like all times of the day. Lately, (and though I sometimes change it, I usually eventually default back to this) I’ve been going to bed about the time the sky starts getting light, and waking up in the early afternoon. I like getting up before sunrise because of the sunrise, but the time after sunrise, from around 9 until 12, is probably my least favorite time to be awake, so I tend to usually be asleep then. Afternoons, (especially afternoons in the summer,) evenings, and late nights are lovely times to be awake.

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I am an evening person and I manage this by scheduling as few classes in the morning as possible. I love the afternoon, however. I love the bright sunny midday. But the morning is the time when I want to be asleep. I stay up late and get up late and so does my roommate, so it works out.

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I peak between noon and 2 p.m. It’s a shame I take those two hour lunches…....

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I am definitely a night person so I woked nights and evenings. Day shift was so difficult, I had to make sure I wrote everything down because it would be a blur by charting time. Too busy, too hectic, doctors, visiters, tests. I love sunsets and moonrise, stars. Of course I like being outside in the summer but I like early evening the best. Keep your sunrises.

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My sleep cycle is usually 3am to 11am, but I’ve had to change that because I’ve just taken on day shifts on Thursdays. I think that part of why I’m such a night person is that I need those 3 – 4 hours at the end of my day to be quietly by myself (or, as it usually turns out to be, with everyone on fluther)

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I grew into the habit of falling asleep approximately between midnight and 1am at a young age and have not ceased since this time in the seeming desire for an even more unconventional sleeping pattern. Possessing the advantageous trait of being able to sleep at any time or place my current sleep pattern can fluctuate quite frantically, but if I were to estimate an average weekday pattern it would be 4am until 10:30am. Should I feel tired during the day I simply nap or rest in some fashion.

Concerning my personal preference between morning or evening I would consider myself an evening person based upon what I have told you and the fact that I dislike the late morning light (perhaps it’s simply that I associate it with the cruel act of waking up). However, given more flexibility in these options I would actually declare myself to be a twilight person. I adore the overwhelming sense of calmness and beauty that accompanies the ambient light produced by this period in the day. It is undoubtedly one of my favourite aspects of life in general.

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I am just like you – I hate waking up and can not muster up much positivity in the morning…but around 10 pm and going forward, I’m on.

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Definitely a morning person.
up at 5
can’t sleep more than 4 hours
bed at 1

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I am definitely a night person. I have to get up for school every morning at 6:30 and that is the worst thing ever. I don’t fully wake up until around 10. When I get home at 3:30, I don’t feel like doing any work. Around 9 to 10 PM, I feel like doing stuff and I actually get more work done. Whenever I don’t have to do anything, I usually sleep till 12, eat lunch and stay up till 3 or 4 the next day. But when I do get up in the morning, even though I don’t have school, I still sit around doing nothing till after 12.


I am an evening person. I don’t like waking up in the mornings, and I hate doing things early in the morning. I can’t understand how some people can get up so early to go jogging, shopping, even going to work, etc. Lol.
I usually feel good at around 7 p.m. to midnight. I have the best concentration then, and do my best thinking and work during those hours.

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I’m like you, a creature of the night. At work I’m basically useless until after lunchtime, & I seem to reach my working peak around 1700hrs. On top of this I’ve been an insomniac since I was about 8yrs old. So I rarely even bother trying to go to bed before about 0200hrs, & even then I often get less than 4hrs sleep. The nighttime is just a much better place, all dark & quiet, & calm…. lovely :)

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Morning but not extreme morning. Handling long evenings? Well, a short afternoon nap if possible does help.

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I am definately an evening person. I don’t really work round it. Seeing as I have to work during the day I just wait patiently until evening comes when I am a much more relaxed person.

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