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What are some unique date ideas for the city?

Asked by rabbitheart (785points) September 18th, 2009

I’m looking to mix things up a bit instead of the usual ‘take a walk and eat sushi’ date, and figured you guys might have some ideas. Anywhere in New York City is game, and the dates will most likely be late afternoon to nighttime. A lot of dating suggestions tend to involve alcohol, so I should specify that I’m looking for non-alcoholic dates that do not include bars, taverns or clubs. We’re still in the early stages of dating, so nothing too romantic or sleazy please.

I kind of wanted to do the ‘blind restaurant’ meal that seems to have originated in Sweden, but NYC seems to lack these restarants. Shame.

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Ice skating.
You’ll get to spend a lot of time in close contact with your date.

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Walking around Chinatown at night.
Check into doing one of those improv events.
Free public concert with a picnic supper.
Murder mystery supper restaurant
Art museums have lots of things going on that are often low cost.
Make plans to go to a halloween dance, or something similar
Do something where you meet her friends

We’re having a lot of heritage festivals here, and those are lots of fun.

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Gallery hopping. :)

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The one time I was in NY, my husband and I took a carriage ride through (part of) Central Park. Cliché, yes, but it can also be as romantic (or not) as you want to be.

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Go bowling.
Or to a museum.
A planetarium.
Picnic in a park.
Mini golf.
Amusement park.
Cook dinner together.
Baseball game.
Go see all the NYC touristy spots and take a Polaroid photo in front of them.

What are blind restaurants?

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@Allie Blind restaurants are usually pitch dark, so the diners can’t see anything. The waiters use night-vision goggles (Or they are blind as well), and help with spoon placing, etc. It’s supposed to heighten your other senses, such as taste.

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@rabbitheart Ah, got it. Thank you.

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Does the Brooklyn Museum of Art still have a dance on the first Saturday of the month?
Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
Take the ferry at night
Film series
Lectures at Columbia or NYU

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Kayaking! I think there’s one in Astoria, too.

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omg I love NY and envy you.

Lived in the village once upon a time, upstairs from a jazz cafe. All around Christopher and Cornelia are great shops and cafe’s and clubs. Walk down Cornelia and into a tarot reading place. Could be fun… if you aren’t afraid of revealing your future with the date.

Go into a guitar store, even if you don’t play. I met Richard Gere trying out a new guitar – he plays well – for a movie he was filming at the time (circa 1989). You never know who you might meet, and even if you both don’t play the guitar – it’s nice to listen to the people trying them out (too much Stairway to Heaven, but it aint a perfect world).

Kinda romantic, eh? You might even buy a guitar for her on the spot, and promise to take lessons together and write a love song together or something like that.

Are you wealthy? Do the same but at the Steinway piano shop.


Postscript: Mr. Gere is really nice and was married to wasserface the model at the time – oh yeah, Crawford.

He was polite to everyone who asked him questions and basically bugged him while he was trying to buy a guitar. This was the peak of his career (think Pretty Woman).

Was I starstruck? Maybe. Am I gay? Starting to wonder.

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My ideal date in any city is a trip to the theatre, opera or ballet although admittedly it’s not always cheap to do so. I think these make great dates as you’re not constantly pressured to make conversation throughout and then you are guaranteed to have something to talk about afterwards.

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@Zen I sat at a table right next to Richard Gere at Chez Panisse in Berkeley a few years ago. He really is handsome and his voice is lovely. Played it cool and didn’t say anything to him. If you’re going to switch teams, he’s probably worth it! :-)

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Can’t I play on the mixed doubles team? Zee?

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@Zen Sure, why not? Like the line from the film Peter’s Friends, “He’s right up there (on my list) between River Phoenix and Michelle Pfeiffer.”

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@aprilsimnel Exactly what I was gonna say. Kayaking is the BOMB.

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