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Weathered the storm?

Asked by gailcalled (54448points) December 16th, 2006
How is everyone in the Pacific NW doing after the monster storm?
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Speaking only for myself, pretty well. Close to the downtown, we didn't lose electricity and yesterday was a beautiful calm day with lots of people out on the streets. Of course, the people in the outskirts are still dealing with downed trees and no electricity. And that might go on for some days they say.
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I am fine in Oly. I did not loose power and got the Friday off. My house has been a haven for my friends, in fact I have somone enjoying a hot shower right now.
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I live on Capitol Hill just up from downtown and didn't lose power. There were three large trees down in the neighborhood, but I guess I was lucky. As of yesterday (Dec. 20) some coworkers of mine in the outskirts of the city were still without power
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we got more storms flying in today as well. Bracing for inches and inches of rain.

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