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Which cell phone should I buy?

Asked by panspermia (308points) May 26th, 2009

Hello everyone! I am gonna buy a new cell phone but cannot decide between “iphone” , “Blackberry Bold” , “Blackberry Storm”...I really need your help to decide which one do you like most or less more…

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iPhone beats all of them. If you can afford it, that is.

Go with the Bold over the Storm, though for blackberries. The storm has always seemed really laggy to me.

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Definately iPhone! Ive had blackberrys and they’re fine, but if you can afford it, go for the iPhone, you won’t be disappointed. However, you need to try out the touch type on text etc. Ive had plenty of friends who have taken them back because typing was difficult. You get used to it but if it’s a big deal I wouldn’t go for it.

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Jesheedy, i want blackberry because all of my friends have it and you know there is some specialty between blackberry phones like free sms…on the other hand blackberry storm looks like iphone and i thought to buy it…BUT Storm doesnt have Wi-fi !!!! So there are only two choices : Bold and iphone !!!

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I agree that the iPhone is the good choice. The touchscreen takes some time to adjust to typing—but once you get the hang of it-it’s great.
If you go for the iPhone try to wait just a little bit. There is a good chance a new phone will be released soon.

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oh! i’ve heard it all before…The iphone gonna release 3.0 ?

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Also you can get iPhone with an unlimited SMS deal aswell, or minutes, or wifi so it’s a pretty good deal!

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now i am DISORIENTED!! =)

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The new iphone is going to be released between now and October. As a result you can pick up a refurbished 8gb for as little as $100 (my girlfriend just did this when she extended our contract with at&t, I will soon) also, the data plan is only $30 a month vs. $40 for the Blackberry

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its a good idea but my contract is with none of them and if i am going to extend a contract its like $100 for me

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There are several apps currently for the iPhone which allow you to do instant messaging for free thus bypassing ATT

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iPhone! Just switched from the Blackberry Curve and couldn’t be happier! Except if it had a slideout keypad like the Tilt. But there are rumors that the next version will include one.

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wow!! I dont know if i wait that long…i think i have some thought about iphone

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I’ve had my iPhone for a month and although I was not a fan of Apple, I absolutely love it. I had a Vario II with slide out keypad before but I can now type faster with my iPhone. The range of apps is amazing and a lot of them are free, plus Apple have a policy of issuing free updates so your phone improves without getting a new one.

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Also the iPhone is the most usable web browser I have used on a phone. Downsides? Only a 2 mega pixel camera, no video recording, MMS or turn by turn GPS (yet).

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@froamer What about the Maps app? I know it is not GPS but it works perfectly.

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I work, read, email, play with it every day. It simply great.

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@froamer. When you speak about lack of turn by turn GPS are you referring to vocal where it literally tells you each turn verbally the way some stand alone GPS units do?

If that’s not what you mean then it definitely gives turn by turn directions. You just have to read them yourself instead of having a machine talking at you which I would find a little annoying I think.

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What do you want to do with this phone? Who is your current contract with?

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@froamer. If you put MMS into the search field in the App store there’s a whole page full of various Apps for it.

I haven’t read thru each one since I don’t really use it but I assume one of them would meet your needs.

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but i’ve heard that i can download video recording application right?

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video recording? Using the iPhone as a camcorder?

There are plenty of Audio recording Apps but I can’t recallever seeing one for video. But there are thousands of apps so I suppose it may be possible but I think it would get a lot of notice.

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I would say iPhone specialy when the new iPhone 3.0 is comming out this June with a load of new features. (There are also rumors floating around saying it will support video recording and video editing). I have an iPhone and I very happy. The only thing I don’t like about it is that I am alwyas worried about it because it has a huge screen and I can’t treat it like a plastic phone. I used to throw my phone around without worrying about it. Now i’m always extra cautious.

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@Buttonstc my friend has iphone and she told me that she was using video recorder…
@Shake the rumors are all around and i’ve heard that the new one will have 5.0 mpx camera and also video recording..

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@Buttonstc – by turn by turn directions I mean on screen and/or spoken. The Google maps app included with the iPhone does not do this automatically, you have to tap Next to get the next directional instruction then squint at the screen to read it – which is pretty unsafe and probably illegal when driving. Apple have banned app developers from providing turn by turn directions at this time although you can get software that does it if you jailbreak your iPhone. The new firmware update (reported to be due in June sometime) is said to allow this. There are also unconfirmed reports that 3rd party GPS Navigation companies such as Copilot are developing iPhone apps. If so, these should start to appear after the firmware update.

There are 3rd Party apps that do MMS, to be honest I don’t need or use MSS so I have not looked at them much. The one I looked at involved your MMS messages being sent to their server – I guess you can decide if you are happy with the security/privacy implications of this. I will be waiting for the new firmware update, which includes native MMS.

Video recording is not possible on the current firmware. There are 3rd party apps that will snap photos is quick succession, but not video. I don’t know if this is included in the firmware update but the new APIs (the stuff developers use to develop iPhone apps) does not include any video calls, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

There are over 100 new features/improvements in the new firmware. if you have the time, you can watch the preview video here:

All phones are rubbish at photos and video (no matter what their mega pixel rating is) when compared to dedicated digital cameras (even cheap ones) because they all have tiny lenses. So if I were you I would get an iPhone and take your video and pictures with something else. However, the iPhone camera is OK for uploading pics to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc – and yes “there is an app for that”!

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