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Will TU24 hit the Earth on January 29th, 2008?

Asked by Xpress411 (120points) January 24th, 2008

David Sereda was on coast to coast last night and said he got inside information that asteroid tu24 actually had a 50/50 chance of hitting earth. Does anyone have inside information or thoughts on this?

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Ah, we’re talkin’ ‘bout David Sereda, the famous astrophysist and rigorous research scientist? Did he channel Ron Hubbard?

NASA & asteroid

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Without even searching about the asteroid on the internet, I’d say your chances it’ll hit Earth are none (or at least neglible, ie not in your life. Sorry).
Every once in a while, an asteroid comes along that people will say will hit Earth; oddly enough, if that even happened once a century, there should be have been plenty asteroids hitting the Earth over the past millennia, and at least some reports of it should have been recorded (or otherwise impact results found; granted, oceans are big & deep). So plainly from statistics: no. (I’m counting the Siberian event somewhere early past centery for perhaps 1/2, since it was small and exploded in air; didn’t hit the ground)
Besides, asteroids have been going ‘round & ‘round the Sun for ages, without ever hitting Earth (including near-Earth asteroids). So why would it happen now, now being the era of space travel & mass media, ie people in general can be aware of these things? Would be surprising…
I guess that people just like doom scenario’s, even astrophysists.

If it hits, I’ll be back here on January 31th (allow +/- a day for the impact date) to offer my sincere apologies ;-).

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RE; *astrophysics vs. spiritual physics:

David Sereda

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Ah, thanks gail; didn’t know who David Sereda was (not living in the USA), and unfortunately now I have some vague idea. I think I may like the other David Sereda on wikipedia better ;-).

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@Evert:I live in the US and never heard of the guy, Gott sedanken. Check out the wonderful gay,gonzo,humorous writer, David Sedaris, however, to cheer you up.

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A close shave at 334,000 miles.

Asteroid miss

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