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What is a place on earth that a lunar eclipse can never be observed in june?

Asked by Deerboy87 (1points) October 27th, 2009


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“When a lunar eclipse is in progress, it’s visible from any place on earth where the moon is visible… nominally half of the earth’s surface. There is no month during which a lunar eclipse can’t occur, and no place on earth from which a lunar eclipse can’t be seen.

The story is completely different regarding SOLAR eclipses. When the sun is in eclipse, the appearance is different depending on the observer’s position on earth; in particular, the eclipse appears ‘total’ from only a small region at any one time.

If the question had specified a ‘solar eclipse’, then in Antarctica, for example, there is a large part of the continent where the sun never rises in June, so a June solar eclipse could never be observed from there.”

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Okay, this is your third homework question now. Try to do some on your own. Ask us if you get stuck.

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anywhere underground, buildings without windows, bunkers, underwater, caves, etc.

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Try Physics Help Forums for homework help. But make sure you follow the guidelines. If you don’t show some work, no one will help you.

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