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Does anyone have an instant headache cure?

Asked by zephyr826 (5600points) September 23rd, 2009

I woke up this morning with a major headache, verging on migraine status. I took some ibuprofen, but it’s not doing as much as I need it to. I really don’t want to go home from work early, so if anyone has some amazing cure-all, please let me know.

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If you pinch the skin between your pointer finger and thumb it is supposed to be an acupreasure point for headaches.

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Such wishful thinking. You know there’s only one amazing cure-all—the one Michael Jackson took. Even if you wanted to take that approach, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to.

Do your best. Think calming thoughts. Rub your temples. But it’ll be a long day, and it might be worth considering taking sick leave.

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Or you could TRy

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It depends on what is causing the headache. In my case a strong jolt of caffeine along with a thousand mil of aspirin always does the trick. Neither on their own work.

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Ibuprofen takes about 45 minutes to start working. Caffiene also. Did you get the headache because you had much less caffiene yesterday? I always tell people if you suffer from headaches first evaluate if you are careful to keep a steady amount of caffiene in your system, it could be as little as one coffee in the morning and a coke with lunch; but, whatever you caffiene intake pattern if you skip you’re most likely going to suffer. So you have to take the drug or you have to completely quit.

You mentioned migraine. If it is truly a migraine I know two people who are triggered by red wine and chocolate, they avoid both and rarely get an occurance after suffering for years.

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Possible cure: massaging your temples gently.
Don’t know if this works with close-to-migraine-headaches.

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For me, masaging my temples only makes it worse. Mmassahing my neck helps though.

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Take a hammer & slam your toe. That’ll make you forget all about the headache. ;-)

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Usually my headaches develop ofter the course of the day and the following works for me (I did have migraines as a kid alot, but I’d rather not discuss the medicine I used for that if you know what I mean):

> I swear by this trick, but it doesn’t seem to work for anyone else. Try to blow wind up your nose. Just place your lower lip over your upper lip and blow away. It doesn’t cure, but it always makes me feel better for at least a couple of minutes.

> Most of the times when I have a headache it’s from my neck turning into a big knot, massaging it or taking a warm bath does help. It’s hard to massage your own neck, so I take a long towel and I rub it over my neck (like drying your back after a shower, by pulling at the ends of the towel), which seems to massage it and warm up the muscles in my neck (helping them relax).

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Since ibuprophen isn’t working, you might want to take some acetaminophen (if it is safe for you) – they are two different classes of analgesics, and can be overlapped.

In addition to the good advice above, I’ve also heard that immersing your feet in icy cold water hepls, because the blood then goes to your feet. I’ve never had to try it, though.

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Caffeine works well for me. So does drinking lots of water.

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Drink lots of water and keep taking ibuprofen. Also, while you’re at work, try to relax all the muscles in your face and scalp. If you have a break, try to lie down somewhere and relax your neck muscles, too. If you know and trust someone well enough at work, you may want to have them try to massage your upper back and shoulder area, maybe even neck. You can do this yourself, too. I would not recommend that if you’re in a full blown migraine, though- migraines are not when you want more blood flow to the brain.

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the only thing that works for me is to sleep it off.

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most of the above suggestions have worked for me (I’ll pass on using a hammer)

for small headaches, sometimes having a “romantic encounter” to put it delicately, can help. it releases endorphins and does change the blood flow, and yes has worked for me also. but with a true migraine that would be impossible. hence the old “not tonight I have a headache” line.

Also, I’ve put either a heating pad or hot water bottle on the back of my neck, towards the base of the skull, that has done wonders.

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Thanks to all for your help. The ibuprofen did eventually kick in (though nearly an hour into the school day), and I’m drinking lots of water and coke.

@JLeslie – I had no caffeine, chocolate, or red wine yesterday (sad). I normally don’t drink caffeine, but I’m going to today.

@markyy – tried to blow up my nose, but it kind of made me dizzy, so I may pass on that.

Again, thanks so much, and lurve to all.

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@zephyr826 You might not want to drink caffiene if you usually don’t then you can get rebound headaches as I suggested above.

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Instant? Intravenous morphine. Otherwise a little patience is required.

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caffeine does it for me every time…ibuprofen I normally just use for muscle pains, or soreness somewhere. But for headaches, I drink a 20oz bottle of Mountain Dew, works like a charm.

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Steal someone’s frozen lunch from the office fridge and use it as a cold compress. Then figure out how to lie down in a dark place without being fussed at for not working – say you are looking for lost paperclips in the lounge sofa so you can save the company money, or attend a large meeting with lots of PowerPoint presentations and sit waaaayyy in the back.

Seriously, either check out @sandystrachan‘s suggestion or some of the tips in this blog..

However, do not do this

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Drop a brick on your foot or slam your hand in the window. You’ll forget all about your head ache, instantly.

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Water. Most often, headache is due to lack of water.

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I have chronic migraines I’m with @DarkScribe on this one. Three regular aspirin and a hot espresso laden drink will rid you of your headache quickly.

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The Accupressure point mentioned earlier, although you might have to hunt around a bit for it actually does work. You should do it on both sides. You will know you hit it when it feels like a little electric shock when you hit the pressure point with sufficient pressure.

Now for a hangover, Oxygen and Saline do wonders in just a couple minutes.

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A rolled up towel with ice in it wrapped around the neck works wonders for me. I have also had instant relief with a rolled up damp towel that has been in the microwave for about 30 seconds.

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Make up your mind @YARNLADY, what is it, cold or warm? ;-)

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@rebbel The odd thing is either, or both, one right after the other, in any order.

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@YARNLADY I believe you.

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The pressure points at the base of the skull for sure. It works a lot better if you have someone to do it for you so you can fully relax, but you can do it yourself if necessary. It is instant relief, at least for as long as you press into it. If you press long enough it will go away altogether.

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Sex works as a quick cure for some people.

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Try the multiverse. It’s free. One version of you in another universe won’t feel the headache.

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