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Why do birds sing?

Asked by buttersmcginty (4points) September 24th, 2009

I really like their singing, but I don’t know why they do it!

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And why do they suddenly appear?

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I remember reading soemthing in a PopSci mag or something similar about how they discovered that many times male birds sing because they “enjoy singing”. I wish I could find it now….

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Express their feelings to each other

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How else will they properly organize to poop on my car?

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Obviously because this is how communicate with each other, duh. :)


For the same reason you get out of bed every morning.

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They long to be close to you…

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Lots of reasons. Male songs are indicators of the males value as a potential mate for the female. So males use their song (loudness, beauty, frequency) to attract females. Females can benefit by selecting the male with the “best” song, obtain their genes (or territory) and have either more offspring and/or offspring with a higher chance of similarly attractive high quality mates (which all means higher reproductive success (ie fitness) .

Songs from males also help females find the males and potentially excellent territory on which to raise a clutch.

Male songs can also indicate to other males that a territory is occupied, and therefore to stay away or risk a conflict.

Simpler sounds (ie calls) can be used to indicate that danger is coming (therefore for the chicks to be quiet, or to warn their partner). Begging calls from nestlings stimulate adults to provide food to their young. Mobbing calls are used to get large numbers of birds together (sometimes of different species) to collectively harass a predator to help drive away the danger.

Lots of reasons. With wonderful benefits for us.

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Let everything that have breath glorify Lord.

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Because they can’t act or dance very well.

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I know you’re asking about wild birds, but I have a tame bird. I think my bird sings/talks/makes random noises for the following reasons:

1. To show off
2. To “talk” to me
3. To irritate me (some things he hangs onto like you wouldn’t believe! Imagine immitating a CROW! or a baby bird – it’s momma circled my house for what felt like HOURS until I shut all the windows – that was a FUN summer!)

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The Violent Femmes once asked that question. I don’t know if they ever got the answer.

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Singing is a kind of worship….i think when birds sing they praise and glorify lord…especially in the moning…..

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Well there’s another one to watch out for.

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