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How to apply a H1B in USA for a chinese student?

Asked by pinge (3points) September 25th, 2009


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Hey there pinge. Welcome to Fluther.

What you need to do is this: Give us more details, make us feel like we’re actually helping a real tangible person. Tell us where you want to go in the USA (state, city, university/school), how old you are, why you want to go, where you’re from (Hong Kong? Shanghai? Beijing?) and any other details which would make this a really good question.

By just simply asking us this one question and then putting “NA” in the details box (oh gosh what a horrible thing to see, somebody who thinks that it isn’t worth it to add details!) it makes us feel as if you can’t really be bothered to put enough time in giving us a quality question which can be answered with quality answers.

Give us reason to answer you. We like answering people, not robotic questions. =)

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Do you have a U.S. employer already? The best way to get an H1B is to have a job, and then your employer files for the paperwork. It is a very complex, time-csonsuming process. Many firms hire out to specialty law firms that do the filings on a routine basis and know all the ins and outs of the process.

Your will probably find the information at this site very helpful.

Good luck!

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The process is simple. Once a year, you have a “window of opportunity” within which you should file your H1-B application. Some of the H1-B visa requirements include having an employer and university degree. Then you just file the application with USCIS either by yourself or through a lawyer. If you are selected then, voila, you can work in the US for three years and have a chance to extend your visa for three more years.

This is not legal advice, so make sure to check out the USCIS website or find yourself a lawyer (lawyer fees should be around 1.5K for this kind of service + USCIS visa fees).

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@alex2 GA (Great Answer, in case you don’t know)

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@Saturated_Brain @all_other_types_of_brains Thanks!

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