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What's the best restaurant in Orlando?

Asked by HungryInOrlando (4points) September 25th, 2009

I’m looking for a restaurant with great food, specifically for a dinner meal for four adults who usually have diverse food preferences (beef, fish, and chicken). I’ve heard two recommendations – Le Coq au Vin is where the chefs and food experts go, and the California Grill for tourists. There’s gotta be more than those two!

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The problem with Orlando is that it’s a tourist trap, and therefore it’s mostly chain restaurants.

At the Mall at Millenia, there’s a good italian place called Brio. And just north of the city, there’s a great irish pub called The Fiddler’s Green. For sushi, try Amura on Sand Lake, just off I-4. Near Amura, there’s also 52 Seasons, which, if i recall, is high-end American continental dining. Also along that area is Ruth’s Chris steakhouse, Morton’s and so forth.

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I don’t know what caliber of restaurant you’re looking for… fancy or not… but I know Orlando Ale House has the yummiest pulled pork and hush puppies I’ve ever had. I’m pretty picky about barbecue anything because I don’t like spicy at all… and they have a whole bunch of different things… pretty varied. I loved that place. Couldn’t tell you where it is though…

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I live in Florida. There are so many to choose from.

When I go to Orlando I do love Sweet Tomato’s. Go figure..

When friends and family come to visit. Boston Lobster Feast. They are pricey, a bit of a novelty. But all that all you can eat lobster is kind of fun. And yummy.

Might not be the “best”. But I like the change up.

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The best restaurant is probably Victoria & Alberts. It is very pricey. It is in Disney World, which as you may or may not know is about 30 minutes from downtown Orlando.

What area of town will you be staying in? What type of food do you like? What price range are you interested in?

In Winter Park, there are several excellent restaurants including Luna’s. There are a few good, upscale restaurants in the tourist area on International Drive including Everglades at the Rosen Centre Hotel near the Convention Center, Salt Island, which features seafood, or Texas de Brazil, which is all meat all the time, but good.

In Universal, there is an excellent restaurant at the Portofino Hotel.

Personally, I would avoid Sweet Tomatoes (cafeteria-type fare) and the egrgiously touristy Boston Lobster Feast.

If you are downtown, Hue is very nice. Mid-priced. Seasons 52 is not bad for a chain.

Orlando is much improved from what it was a few years ago, but it is no mecca for great cuisine.

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@Marina amen to that last sentence.

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Depends what you’re in the mood for. (I’ll only give the types I’m super familiar with… if you’d like another type of food, just ask and I’ll do my best) P.S. – I’ve lived in Orlando for 10+ years so I’ve experienced all of these places and more multiple times. :)

(I’m going to give you non-Disney area restaurants, to limit the amount of tourists you encounter, that also being said, these places will not kill your wallets either. I’ll also try to avoid chains, but can’t promise anything) :)

If you are looking for a good Burger I would suggest Johnny’s Fillin Station Cafe (They are the self proclaimed “Best burger in Orlando” but I think they deserve the title anyway)

If you are looking for decent Seafood I would suggest High Tide Harry’s for a restaurant that is the closest thing you will get to an oceanside seafood place in Orlando. Although, I have been pretty happy with the Boston Fish House on Aloma Ave. (You just have to wade through the “Early Bird Special” crowd)

If BBQ is your thing… Orlando has some nice options, mainly Cecil’s Texas Style Bar-B-Q and Black Water Bar-B-Q (best ribs I have ever eaten… period)

As far as Pizza is concerned I’m a big fan of Mellow Mushroom (chain, but good) and Lil’ Anthony’s Pizza (NY Style)

and if you are in the mood for Thai I do have some really tasty options. First being Thai House on East Colonial Dr (SR 50), Thai Place in Winter Park, and Thai Basil in Winter Springs.

Got a taste for Polish food? Polonia will suit your needs very well.

I guess I could keep going on and on…

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