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After I haven't eaten for hours and then eat, why do I feel warmth spread through my body?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21458points) September 27th, 2009

When I’ve gone a while without eating and then eat, it feels like I can feel the food hitting my bloodstream. I get an unmistakeable flush of warmth radiating outward from my core through my limbs and head. I don’t get hot, just warm, and it feels kind of good, actually. I’m curious what specifically causes this effect, is it my body generating ATP? My metabolism kicking in? The warmth from the food I ingested?

For the record, I have no medical issues like diabetes, hypo-/hyperglycemia, etc.

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well, if you are a vampire, this process is explained in detail in Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice. If you are not a vampire, then I would suppose it could be any of the reasons you stated.

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I think your body is thanking you for finally providing it with some sustenance. Food = good. Starvation = bad.

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I definitely feel warm after I ingest warm food, and similarly get cold when I eat cold food. I actually have very little ability to regulate my body’s temperature, and in the winter I’ll be freezing no matter how much clothing I put on until I drink a hot cuppa something or other. I go through an obscene amount of tea in the winter, mainly to keep warm.

In your case, it may be your metabolism deciding it has enough energy to “kick the heat back on” and amp up your metabolism/blood flow etc, but I don’t know. It’s pretty cool though. :)

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I can also feel it when alcohol hits my bloodstream, it’s weird.

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It is normal to have a small increase in both core temperature and skin temperature when digesting food.

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