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Does anyone know about Meth addiction/recovery/treament?

Asked by kellylet (858points) September 28th, 2009

We just found out a 17 year old family member has been using Meth for the last few months. He says he wants to stop, but we don’t really know what to do next. So far we believe he has been sober for 24hrs and has been sleeping for the last 16 hours. I have read a lot of information online but I don’t know anyone who has personal experience quitting.

Is a rehab center the best approach? Does anyone know of a center in San Diego that specializes in teen and/or meth detox?

Please if anyone has anything that could help you could be saving a young man from a lifetime of suffering. Thank you so much for your help in this sensitive and important issue.

I know this is a little heavier than most Fluther questions but I really need help. I realize it may not be easy to post online for the world to read about your experience so, if it’s easier you could e-mail me at

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A visit to a therapist or a doctor is perhaps your best bet for a referral to a detox or treatment center.

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My son wasn’t doing meth, but he went to Creative Care in Malibu. Be prepared for the crazy sticker price, but they saved my son’s life.

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A detox/treatment center is almost always necessary for meth addiction. It is an extremely addictive drug. It requires extensive care. It also requires a lot of education about how to stay off the drug. A longer stay (in-treatment) is usually needed as well. It helps with the detox and reforming your brain against the addiction. It also helps break up your friendships with the users you’ve been hanging around. On top of that most people who come out of treatment need to continue out-patient care by going to a group like NA religiously for at least a year.

The most important thing for him besides the actual detox would be to stay away from anyone he used to know because likely they are in the meth circle as well. This probably isn’t good news but it is a serious addiction.

I think it is fabulous that you were aware enough to find out and that you are concerned enough to ask this question. So many with meth addiction don’t have that kind of support. Keep in mind that meth addicts often lie and steal from family to support their habit. It is not the person doing this, it is the drug addiction.

I think @geniusatwork idea of seeing a family doctor and getting a referral is a fantastic idea.

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Thank You all so much.

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I’m sorry to hear this. Meth is very difficult. I think @RedPowerLady answer is very good. Is he/she in their senior year of school? I would be reluctant to let the teen go back to the same school at all, even after treatment.

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No he has already graduated high school and is currently working at his parents’ restaurant full time. And even though he met his co-user there, that kid has been fired, his parents want to keep him in their eye sight.

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Many people I know have quit meth without going to rehab. In fact, IMO rehab is almost always unhelpful for people who do not already want desperately to quit. If he’s resistant, they probably won’t be able to bring him around without his cooperation.

The best approach I found to help someone quit meth is to tell them that they could be doing much better drugs for the money. Honestly, I have a great deal of personal experience with many different substances, and meth is by far the worst drug ever – both in terms of health and the high. Another, better way, but possibly impractical in your case, is if the person finds himself in a relationship he really wants to stay in, and the other person won’t tolerate it.

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I think we need to knwo why he is using. Did he just party one night and got hooked? It is very addictive. Or, is he miserable living and working with his parents when other friends are moving out and going to college. I am not making assumptions, but the timing is suspicious.

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My daughter was bad into meth (use, manufacturing, and sales), and entered an outpatient rehab as part of a court order. When faced with 6 months of jail if she tested dirty, she got serious about it, and cleaned up.
She has been clean for about 6 years.

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I’ve been to treatment for a severe drug addiction, and the only thing that works is total removal from all people and places of getting high. and a really good treatment place that medicates you through the detox- then good counselors for about a year or two. You absolutely have to have no contact with old drug buddies, haunts, etc. It’s expensive and takes a couple years.

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I didn’t have time to read the other responses (in hurry), but you should look into a local Reformers Unanimous. They are recognized by the US Congress; they are nation-wide and have a very high (80+ % I think) success rate. They deal with all types of addictions. I am involved in a RU group in Michigan.

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Thanks to everyone for your help. Luckily his parents caught him early and he wanted to stop. He’s been a clean week so far and hopefully it will stay that way.

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i personally was addicted to meth (AKA speed) for 3 years when i was 13, my dealer was my boyfriend who was MUCH older (its how i met him) and one day he decided he wanted me to quit “cuz he cared”, more like he didnt want me smoking his shit anymore, but thats beside the point… how he did it was he cut me off and had me on practically 24 hour watch to make sure i didnt get it from someone else. once it was all out of my system we made drastic changes in my life. but i will tell you if he doesnt want to quit hell go right back when things in his life get hard. i wanted to quit anyways so i excepted all the help i could get… ive been clean for 8 years now…

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