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How I can clean a salvage title?

Asked by alvarollosa (1points) January 28th, 2008 from iPhone

it’s possible? Clean a salvage title? Who knows how?

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not possible-insurance and valuation of the vehicle change permanently once it is salvaged; from an insurance standpoint salvaged vehicles are declared total losses in comprehensive plans and are paid at the fair market value (or percentage thereof) when a claim is filed. Once the claim is paid then the vehicle is devaluated to the salvage value. Of course as the owner you can still sell a salvaged vehicle but the salvage title is an indication that it has been paid off and should bot be valuated at its full resale value.

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yep sndfreQ is correct but in some states you can’t even sell a car with a salvaged title more than once. In my state only a junk yard can buy a car with a salvaged title to sell the parts.

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