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Have you ever witnessed nonchalant nakedness?

Asked by mramsey (794points) October 2nd, 2009

When I was in middle school, a friend and I was going door to door selling candy bars for some fundraiser. We knocked on a door at an apartment complex and was greeted my a man who just peaked his head out. He agreed to buy a candy bar and opened the door the rest of the way. To our surprise, he was completely naked. Old, wrinkly and NAKED. We were so shocked, we didn’t run away. We stood there while he counted out his pennies, nickles and dimes.

Have you had a similar experience? Have you accidentally seen some one naked, who was completely nonchalant about being exposed?

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In fact that’s disturbing. Reminds me of that old guy on Family Guy.

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I’m naked at all times when I am at home. If some poor soul has the misfortune to see me, I regret the pain it must cause, but they are, after all, free to look away.

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@pdworkin amusing, but what if it’s middle schoolers trying to sell you something at your door?

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My own, tripping my ass off, roaming my buckfuddy’s aparment complex on the way to the pool with my friends.

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Can’t say that I have

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I don’t answer my doorbell. No one who knows me would use it, and I am not interested in dealing with anyone else. Once the police came to the wrong door and insisted that I come to the door. They banged and shone their flashlights. They were forced to see me naked, for which I did not feel responsible, and they were able to establish that they had made an error.

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@pdworkin lol. That’s really funny.

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@pdworkin haha, I bet you’re an oddly interesting fun friend, but I wouldn’t want to come to your house, lol. :P

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Oh, @Axemusica, I would never force a friend to see me naked. When I am expecting a desired visitor, I am always properly dressed. Also, my children have not had the misfortune of seeing me naked since they were very, very young, as I feel that would be quite inappropriate.

And, of course, as many of you know, my dearest darling girlfriend his the good fortune to be totally congenitally blind.

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Aside from in communes where nakedness and semi nakedness was an option, no- never encountered it. There are countless times I’m sure others have witnessed my own nonchalant nakedness though.

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@pdworkin At least you had clothes on for your picture here. LOL.

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Clothing is optional in our home, except when guests are present. We do not even have a door accessable to the public, it is behind a floor to roof gate.

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If the guy answered the door naked for a couple kids selling candy bars, and then stood there counting change, it doesn’t seem nonchalant to me. It seems sort of pervy, like he wanted to be seen.

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@laureth good point. lol

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I have seen 3 naked men outside. All while I was a teenager, all unwanted, all purposely (pervily) naked. Do not want.

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There is a nude beach on South Padre Island, Texas. I was driving my jeep along the beach when I discovered this delightful spot. I waved, they waved. Everybody was happy.

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@mramsey: Is that different from chalant nakedness?

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When I lived on a cruising sail boat and we were way out to sea or anchored near an unpopulated island, nakedness was the clothing of choice. Also, prior to children coming into our lives, nakedness was frequent whenever we were home and not expecting visitors.

However, the most nonchalant instance was when we were moored back at the marina and my boyfriend went to get the clean clothes from the drier. All he was wearing was a very old, raggedy pair of shorts without a belt and without any underpinnings. On the way back to the boat with his arms full of stuff, his pants suddenly gave up the ghost and dropped to the dock. He simply stepped out of them and calmly walked back to the boat, entered the cabin, set the laundry down, hauled out a clean pair of shorts, put them on and then calmly walked back to pick up his other pants.

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Sure – my mother would walk around the house naked, my wife often does, the women next door does her gardening topless. (It is a shame that she is pushing eighty.)

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When I was boarding with a family in Idaho, the wife/mother often walked around naked. The first time, it made me blink in surprise. I was raised in a home where we never even saw each other’s underthings, unless we were doing laundry. But after that first incident, it was no big deal at all.

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Anyone who has been to a YMCA with old people walking around the locker room has been a victim of nonchalant nakedness, and its horrible.

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@DarkScribe Your mother???!!! Nooooooooooo

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@LKidKyle1985 That’s why people hope they’ll die before they get old. The worst thing that can possibly happen to a person is to become less attractive to those who are much younger.

Your post has made up my mind. It’s time for me to get out of the way before I am seen shuffling along the gym floor like the tattered Ancient Mariner.

Good bye, World, it’s been real. And remember: Hefty Bag, curb.

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@jbfletcherfan Your mother???!!! Nooooooooooo

It isn’t unusual in uninhibited families. Most of my exes before I was married (I dated a lot of women with children) would be quite happily naked in front of their kids. My wife always has in front of ours – even now. The same with the girls if they are sun-baking by the pool, they won’t dress for family, but will for male visitors. Some families don’t have hang-ups about nudity. Many are members of nudists colonies but we have never gone as far as to be naked in front of anyone other than family. I won’t join in although I get kidded about it and I was ok with it when the kids were little. We lived on a beach and they ran around naked all day, and would barge in and out of bathrooms and showers without thought or reaction. You would be having a peaceful shower then suddenly one or two naked little kids would scream in, jump around to rinse sand off, and then tear off into the house. Maybe it has to do with living in tropical and semi-tropical beach-front homes.

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@DarkScribe If that’s your life style & what you’re used to doing, go for it. :-)

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Yes for the first time this summer. I am walking on a boardwalk to the beach and I look to my left over the shortest “privacy” fence known to man and I see a man buck naked and if you watch Seinfeld you know the episode about the “bad naked” he was bent down getting into the pool and he was was in the most awkward position EVER! He just looked over his shoulder and smiled A Creepy old man kind of smile I still have that image burned in my mind.

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@jbfletcherfan DarkScribe If that’s your life style & what you’re used to doing, go for it. :-)

It’s the only one I know and I think that I am fortunate. I was watching an episode of “Rules of Engagement” a while back when of of the protagonist couples’ mother visited – and walked around the apartment naked. The reaction amused me as she was just like my mother and it brought back similar memories. My mother occasionally freaked out unwitting visitors. (She was a very attractive woman. Think of a blend of “Aunt Mame” & Anaïs Nin to get an idea. )

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I live in San Francisco, we have Bay to Breakers and the Folsom Street Festival. I’ve seen my fair share….

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@DarkScribe Well, you know, nakedness IS natural. Our society just isn’t fully ingrained for it. And in seeing some of it, thank God! ;-)

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@shilolo: ha ha, there’s also the north end of Baker Beach and Halloween in the Castro.

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That’s a really disturbing story. There’s quite a bit of public nonchalant old wrinkly nakedness at swingers’ clubs. It doesn’t really bother me.

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Millions of times. I’ve seen millions of children bare assed playing in the sprinklers without regard for their lack of attire.

Once my dad saw a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses missionaries‎ heading for our front door he quick shucked his clothes and ran to greet them. He didn’t give any sign he was aware of his nakedness or their horror. Funny shit!

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