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Is there a touch screen phone better than the iphone?

Asked by bunnygirl50665 (80points) October 2nd, 2009

I was wanting a new touch screen, but I don’t want an iphone. I’d like one with a full slide out keyboard and I’d like it to be sort of the same shape and size of an iphone. Any suggestions?

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I own an iPhone and this might be biased since I’ve never tried any of it’s rivals, but I don’t think any really compare. There’s pro’s and con’s but just using the damn thing is to the point that makes you feel as though you could never live without it, lol. I plan to get the next iPhone after the 3GS. In fact, I’m actually thinking about buying a mac now that I’ve used the iPhone.

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Take a look at the Palm Pre, and at any phone running Android, the Google-sponsored open-source operating system.

iPhones are beautifully designed, but have the misfortune to be associated with AT&T, a service which garners many complaints and few accolades.

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i own an Android G1 while the rest of the guys at work have an iPhone, i personally think android is better than iphone OS…i work at an apple store ;)

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@pdworkin true. The iPhone true downfall, AT&T. As soon as the iPhone is on another provider I’m changing. Love my iPhone, totally despise AT&T.

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So I’m just wondering: what is wrong with AT&T?

I’ve kinda been using it all my life so I have nothing to compare it to, but what is that is so bad about it?

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It ranks very low in customer support and very high in dead zones, dropped calls and other technical problems. To be fair, the technical difficulties may be arising because the system is at present overtaxed, but the customer satisfaction issues should be addressed immediately, in my opinion, if AT&T wishes to thrive.

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@DominicX What @pdworkin said along with ridiculously over priced. The same basic plan that I have with my iPhone is similar to other plans on different carriers that is at the least $40 less. Not to mention the 2 year contract is kind of redundant. although the dead zones and dropped calls is primarily 3G, the EDGE network is hardly used anymore since it’s slow, but much more reliable. Once the iPhone is released on other providers I don’t see AT&T lasting, lol.

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I have AT&T and I’m okay with them. I don’t really have many dead spots (one that I can think of), they always work with me on payments when I’m strapped for cash.

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Nothing is better than the iPhone. Second best would be the Palm Pre and the upcoming Motorola Cliq looks pretty sweet.

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I have a storm and I like it just fine. I have plenty of nifty apps, a nice playlist collection, and I pay less than half what most iphone users pay. granted the iphone can do more and is an overall more intricate device, I don’t have such a significant drop off in quality and ability that I could justify paying so much more for it, personally.

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Nothing compares in my opinion and experience, but I do agree with others that AT&T is absolutely horrible. Every single interaction I have had with their customer support in their stores and on the phone has been a disappointment. They frequently mess up my bill and I have to call and spend time sorting it out. They have very customer-unfriendly policies, such as my wife and I not being able to share a family plan because she ported her old number over from another area code and you can’t have two area codes on one family plan.

They are extremely expensive, especially with extra things like text messaging.

I live in a suburb of Denver, CO with over a million people in it, with no mountains or skyscrapers blocking the signal and still only get a 3G signal maybe half the time. The rest o the time it’s EDGE only. I get dropped calls and delayed text messages, slow data transfer speeds, etc.

All that said, it’s still worth it to have the iPhone. It’s just that good.

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Hmm…i’m getting some very useful information. Thanks!! And one other thing, which phone has a lot of aps and games available? I’ll look into this some more later. Keep the answers comin’!

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The iPhone has the largest number of available applications, but some believe that this will be equalled or surpassed by the Android group, as those apps will be open source, and not regulated by the phone producers or the carriers,

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Removed by Me.

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Go with an Android phone. All of the hardware is much better than the iPhones and with a it of tinkering you can get multitouch. Oh and it has a slide out full qwerty keyboard. Plus it runs Android so it’s automatically better than the iPhone

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@Bugabear Better? What are the criteria? Isn’t it enough to say that many many people love their iPhones, and that many, many others have their own favorites based upon need and experience?

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@Bugabear What phone is it that you refer to?

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Well, maybe i should have renamed the question “What other good touch screen phones exist besides the iphone?” But i’d like something with an actual slide-out keyboard.

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The G1. And by its automatically better I mean Android is a much better operating system than the iPhone OS. Its open soruce and doesnt require you to do anything that would void your warranty to get a new theme for change things around.

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@Bugabear but it’s not made by apple… ;-)

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There’s a trackpad for a laptop in Japan that is actually a 4” LCD screen. That’s cool.

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I’ll definetely take the G1 into consideration.I went onto T-mobile’s site and read about the phone. It’s a very nice phone with all the applications I’m interested in. I like how you can drag and drop applications onto your phone’s “desktop” too. I’m surprised I haven’t heard of it earlier.

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Does anyone have an oppinion on the new My Touch phone? I’ve seen ads for it and I’d like to know more about it.

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Droid will be coming out soon on Verizon, so that might be worth looking into. (They’re certainly marketing themselves as better than an iPhone, but only time will tell.)

Personally, I was hoping AT&T would release their chokehold on iPhones and it would be possible to get iPhone service on Verizon. Not for a while, I guess.

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