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My Logitech webcam won't work on Win7?

Asked by jazzjeppe (2570points) October 4th, 2009

I have the best and most expencive webcam from Logitech and I am so annoyed at the moment. It just won’t work with Windows 7 RTM and it seems as if Logitech either are extremely slow, uninterested or simply won’t fix this issue. As far as I know there are many out there with the same problem. Anyone had this issue and also managed to solve it? I just don’t want to go out buy a new webcam simply because Logitech won’t get their head our of their ”#ยค%”#!

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If you were to indicate which model it is then someone might be able to help. Saying that it is the most expensive doesn’t identify it.

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I was pointing out how I don’t want to buy a new one and that I think that expencive things like these simply should work or at least, get the manufactors to make it work by giving me new drivers or software. Sorry if I was not clear enough about that.

And I might have been exaggerated a bit :)

It’s a C600

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Be a little patient. Logitech and Microsoft both have every reason to make sure the drivers work properly. Check the Logitech site daily for upgrades.

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get used to the pain. you will soon be a masochist

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My webcam wouldn’t work either after installing Windows 7. Logitech, currently, has but one driver for Windows 7 – 64 bit, but, it did the trick, which was a surprise because mine is an older camera. Go to the Logitech site to see which drivers work for your camera….hopefully one will apply to your version of Windows 7. See ya….Gary/wtf

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