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Whew! Testing done, Now what will they do?

Asked by majorrich (14706points) October 5th, 2009

Just got home from probably the most excruciating 45 minutes of my recent experience. I had 2 MRI’s of my belly and pelvis. My tremendous bulk almost didn’t fit in the tube! I wonder how really manly sized men get in there? Good news! the old tumor is still dead, and the others were just masses of goo. They are going to take the lymph gland, We’ll see in a couple days about these next MRI’s. What will they do to me next if they don’t find anything in this series? They are fishing for Pheochromocytoma.

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Sounds like hopeful news! We will keep hoping that things will keep going well.

“I wonder how really manly sized men get in there? ”

They have “open” MRI machines these days, for just that situation.

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O’Beautiful for Spacious guys, For amber ales of grain…

I’m almost giddy right now. Not hungry, Haven’t eaten since noon.

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this is great news!

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That sounds optimistic. What are pheochromocytoma? And what’s a lymph gland? Is that different than a node? We are a powerful collective when we act as a collective; so we’ll do our best to help. What would be helpful?


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I guess I meant node. I just know the Doctor is not nearly as stressed as he was before.

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You won’t miss it. I had 20 nodes removed from under my arm along with a lumpectomy. I hope that you are less stressed also.

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That is indeed great news.

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I’m so happy for you!

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I have upgraded from scaired poo-less eding toward cautiously optomistic.

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That is good news. If you were serious about being a manly man size, would slimming down a bit help?

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Cautiously optomistic beats all!

Still praying and still feeling the awesome vibe of hope. Now to look up Pheochromocytoma.

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As far as I understand, you still require medication for some of the complications of (possible) pheochromocytoma. In that case, I imagine your doctors still need to find an explanation for the symptoms, right?

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I’m sure hoping they find whatever it is they are looking for and yank it out!

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For those who are curious, here is what a pheochromocytoma is.

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Great news! Reading the link, sounds like scary/unpleasant symptoms. Hopefully they can fix you up!

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While researching last time, I found a site that called this kind of tumor the third kind of cancer. 1 being benign, 2 being malignant and 3 being insidious. Pheochromocytoma is a 3. It wont kill me but make me wish it would. When Dr Seipel first called he thought it was Adrenal Cancer, but now have kind of settled on this. much to the relief of all concerned

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I too am greatly relieved! The enemy is still present- but he is less lethal.

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Scary stuff. A close friend of mine had breast cancer, its that dreaded horrible word that you dont want in your world let alone your body. Maybe you need to check in with your dreams and wishes list check to make sure you have some really good good things going on for you and then make it your aim to fill your life with some beautiful and joyfilled things to restock on goodness for yourself . Kind of replenish and nurture yourself. What is something you would really really love to do? Can you give yourself permission and chance to do it? You seem to have a fighter in you so whatever your dream may be today might be the day to get working on it – battle scars, goo and all.

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