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How can I use a wordpress theme to show my own language characters?

Asked by tilc (126points) October 6th, 2009

I have installed a wordpress theme. And when I type any text into my page it doesn’t show my own language characters, like éáíóú etc… it gives this: �, instead of those. What should I install or do to make it good?

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Sorry I have no experience with wordpress. What I can tell you is that you want to change your character set (charset) to one that fits your needs (the set you are currently using doesn’t have a value for those letters and replaces it with �). Look for options or modules that will let you change the charset to a better suited one.

See this wiki entry on the replacement character � and this wiki entry on character encoding.

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Hi! Thanks for the answer. Now, I have downloaded a hungarian wordpress zip file, I try to upload the engine as my own language, so it should be cool as well. If it does not working than I will try to modify charset.

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just so you know, you should really used ascii code to show special characters like that.

heres a reference

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