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Why does my nose sting so during an allergy attack?

Asked by syz (35804points) October 6th, 2009

When my allergies act up, I sometimes get a sudden, severe attack that feels like a bee has crawled into my nose and is stinging me over and over again. The pain is accompanied by paroxysmal sneezing, watering eyes, sore throat, and fatigue. But what exactly is going on in my mucous membranes that I perceive as pain? If I remember correctly, foreign proteins will bind with receptors in the nose and stimulate an allergic response, but that doesn’t explain why I have such a sharp, isolated pain.

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If you find out let me know, I had the worst allergy attacks of my life during the past week. So horrible, bleh.

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I believe it’s a symptom of rhinitis. Further, when it’s happened to me, it feels like my blood vessels (which are swollen from the rhinitis) are about to explode.

I find that my allergies and this particular symptom are much improved by putting lanolin or Vaseline up each nostril on a regular basis.

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I’m guessing that rhinitis is what I get as a result of the allergy attack, but I didn’t think it was an instant effect?

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I think the histamine is what causes the stinging symptom, and it can be instantaneous. For me, some days the sensation happens in both my nostrils and my inner ear canals….ERGH!

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I think the dryness that accompanies the rhinitis is what causes the pain. It cracks your skin in your nasal passages. Use a moisturizer lightly. Be sure to drink more water when having an allergy attack.

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