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What blogging site do you use?

Asked by HGl3ee (3955points) October 7th, 2009

I’m looking to start blogging and am wondering what a great site would be. I’m looking to just write about daily things, this and that, nothing huge. It would be a big plus if the site had and iPhone app or a mobile version, since I’m always on the go I rarely have my laptop with me so my phone acts like my computer.

Thanks in advance for all your suggestions and ideas!

- LB

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Just started using tumblr, seems really nice so far. Plus it has an app.

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tumblr. It has a iPhone app that is very nice. And there is a bit of of a Fluther community on it too.

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Perfect! That was easier than I expected!! Thanks <3 – LB

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Joe has a Tumblr? What is it?

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@Allie I literally just made it a few days ago, it’s pretty lame but here it is.

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Blogspot. It is good and easy to use. I suggest it.

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That actually looks pretty good joe. I will follow you. This is me. This is Allie and I.

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@johnpowell meh, I feel like it is a pretty mediocre attempt at being humorous.

following you both

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Livejournal. Yeah, I know.

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I also have a tumblr.

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I use both Blogger and Wordpress for two different blogs and I definitely recommend Blogger for ease of use. Wordpress is better imo for customization so maybe that would be an option down the line..

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Wordpress has an iPhone app too, but it’s for “serious” blogging.

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I use myblog, multiply, and newsvine, depending on who I want to have a discussion with.

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I’ve had it since I was sixteen or so, and damn it, I’m loyal! :P

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ive just started a blog a few days ago on blogger, and i am satisfied with it…

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Yeah, is a good site to use.

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I generally use Wordpress. I have been kind of using Tumblr. I also have LiveJournal, Blogger, and Live accounts.

There may not be a free blogging site that I don’t have something on by now.

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Tumblr as well! Fluther and Tumblr go together like ice cream and pie….mmmmm pie

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Tumblr and Posterous are both pretty awesome.

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I use LiveJournal, InsaneJournal, and Blogger, each for different things. I also have a Tumblr, but I just use it to see other people’s stuff. IMO, Blogger is the easiest to use.

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I use blogspot and love it! I have never used any of the others so I can’t really compare it to anything but I do find it very easy to use.

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@BenG Once you try Posterous you’ll realize it’s the best/easiest way to blog. The cool thing is that you don’t even need to switch your blog over, you can set Posterous to autopost to your older blog(s) and several other accounts (Twitter, Tumblr, Blogspot, Youtube.. etc)

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Tumblr is great as there’s less pressure to fill a blank page with text. It’s very quick and simple and allows you the option of posting different materials (eg. music, photo, quotes) you find around the place.

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