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What is the best site for a blog/blogging?

Asked by bigbanana (494points) February 27th, 2009

Also what is the easiest site/user friendly for a non computerite like myself.

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Blogger, it’s Google owned. pretty darn easy to use. i’ve taught it to senior citizens.

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I use Blogger myself. It’s simple & it’s got my vote.

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I’m with Blogger. Simple yet advanced.

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I like Blogger.

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Thanks. Mob rule.

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Blogger is pretty bomb.

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I use blogger as well, but have also tried and enjoyed it as well. It is focused on smaller blogging, for instance a post with a picture or video and a caption, or a quote and a caption, but you can also do full text posts. I think of it as a hybrid between Twitter and Blogger really. It’s probably even easier than Blogger though.

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Facebook is really only good for blogging to other Facebook users though, it is not designed to be a free-standing blog that just any random person could visit without having to sign in to Facebook.

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Blogger- but keep in mind that they do put your images on a seperate site- Picasa – and that you need to manage them in there.

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Wow, not a single site suggesting It’s very advanced and, in my opinion, easier to use than Blogger (and I’d say more popular too). Also, it’s easier to subscribe to it for your readers. Be sure to check it out – I moved my blog from Blogger to

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Ill be sure to try them, myspace is fun for blog too

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Well, If you know what you are doing, host your own wordpress blog.

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But you dont.

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I mainly use because automatically adds the language of the country you are in as the template language for the site. This means as I live in Bangkok I have some problems navigating the blogs if I want to do more than simply read the postings. It makes it very hard for me to write or administer a blog on it.

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Me too…vote for Blogger. Blog on!

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Blogger! it’s so simple and easy to use.

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