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Does anyone know the remake of Blue Oyster Cult song, I'm burning for you?

Asked by CaseyWVU10 (550points) October 7th, 2009

There is a new car commercial out right now with a remake of the Blue Oyster Cult hit, I’m burning for you. It sounds remixed, and there is a girl singing.

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Don’t know but love the original. Saw BOC live several times. back in the day, & those guys could rock. See ya….Gary/wtf

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fear the reaper!

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I have a disease, and the only known cure is more cowbell!

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@filmfann lol!!!!!! i need more cowbell baby LOL

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My friend in Madison used to hang out on the regular with Buck Dharma.

Ths name of the band who does the remake is Shiny Toy Guns.

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You can listen to it at There is another link in that window to download the song from iTunes.

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You could also try Type in Blue Oyster in the search or the song name and they will come up with remakes, live, videos, covers, and origonal recordings listed.

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Me again..Songza has it under shiny toy guns also. Now Ima go check out other guys answer. TTTanks.

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