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If the atomic number of an element increases, then density will increase as well because...?

Asked by smile1 (493points) October 8th, 2009

So for my class, i have to create a hypothesis for a lab about density and atomic numbers. I was thinking, that If the atomic number of an element increases, then density will increase as well because more protons are packed in a nucleus.

but…im not 100% sure…

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Not necessarily—(although generally so)—Lead (82) is less dense than Osmium (76) at STP.

Mostly because, “it’s complicated” =)

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I mean…generally.

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chemistry classes are long gone, but i think it largely depends on the atomic mass and the number of electrons in the outer shell which will repel electrons of adjacent atoms.
but that is just my guess.

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Here is a table of the elements sorted by their densities. I’m going to agree with grumpyfish. The reason is because, it is complicated.

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@Les: great link!

Part of it is this: which affects certain elements density, mainly having to due with (if I’ve understood correctly) that the 4f electron level has some “funny properties”

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well..i understand that…its just at a high school level, so mostly generic, adn we’re only talking about the p sublevels.

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@smile1 indeed—the important thing to remember (or learn?) is that it’s very hard to make generalizations about chemistry.

E.g., take the “things in a column are generally alike” Nitrogen & Phosphorus are similar to Arsenic chemically, but Nitrogen won’t kill you (directly).

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@smile1 The electron density IS a direct function of Z and A , utilizing Avogadros constant as well. It is an important parameter in medical imaging… e.g. CT scanners produce an image which is approximately a image of electron density spatial distributions in the body…. and they look very different in ‘diseased’ or ‘broken’ anatomic sites….......

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