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Do you support gun control?

Asked by Charlie (231points) January 30th, 2008

Maney polititicians are for it

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I don’t. It only generates an illusion of safety. Much like security guards and gated communities. We all know they’re useless.

The only gun control might work, is guns were completely eliminated. But in reality, people would just kill each other with other blunt weapons.

On top of this, we all know that criminals who would kill someone with a gun won’t be concerned about current gun laws anyway. So all it does is disarm law abiding citizens. You can reverse engineer a problem like social violence. You have to attack it at the root, which is an entirely different (and vast) topic with lots of things people don’t want to hear about or acknowledge.

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Well I live in Tasmania, Australia where the largest single-man massacre took place in 1996, so guns basically don’t exist here. Only Police and those who apply for licenses (which are strictly controlled) can have guns. This applies to Air Rifles and BB Guns as-well.
So yeah I support Gun Control because gun-related deaths are hardly ever heard of here.

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Well, I live in Canada where gun violence isn’t that much of an issue, but yes I do support gun control. Gun violence is a major cause of death throughout North America and continues to become more of a threat.

I do not believe in eliminating guns completely, I just believe that they should only be used for necessary purposes such as for hunting.

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Yes. Our society has progressed past the point where guns are a necessity for anything apart from hunting animals or killing people. Hunt if you must, though.

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Of course! In Australia you can’t get a gun without a licence (and to get a licence you need a valid reason for getting a gun) and we’re better for it

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Spargett is right on. We don’t want to actually deal with the people behind the guns. Gun control wouldn’t have that big of an impact. Criminals have their own ways and they don’t follow the law, so they’re not going to stop just because laws are on place. They will kill you if they want, one way or another.

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The way I see it, criminals use guns because they think it will give them some kind of power or advantage. If potential victims also have guns, the criminal no longer has an advantage. I have no problem with responsible citizens owning guns.

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What gun control laws aim to do is make it harder for potential criminals to get guns in the first place.

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It all sound good on the surface but why do police carry guns? Is it to protect the average citizen or to protect themselves. Why are guns used in a War where the only guns used are those held by the government people? I guess I would rather be shot then hit over the head with an AXE, which is the most used weapon in Europe.

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I totally support gun control. I especially do not see the need for automatic weapons to get into the hands of anyone except for SWAT teams and the military. Why does anyone else need that sort of weapon? It should be very, very difficult to get anything but a hunting rifle, and even then, it should require lots of paperwork.

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I also fully support gun control. There is absolutely no reason for guns in a civilized society. I actually think gun control should go much further in that, if anyone is found to be in possession of a gun they should be charged and subject to penalties and jailtime equivalent to actually using it. Gun control limits gun possession only to criminals (a very small percentage of the population) ergo if you have a gun, you are planning a criminal activity. I don’t think there needs to be any concession made for hunting either as that stage of human evolution has long since ended, get over it.

Easy access to guns is the root cause of mass killing events like Columbine and the like. When was the last time you heard about an knife massacre or even one with an axe? It doesn’t happen because its essentially impossible. Proximity plays a huge part in being able to subdue people with knives, not to mention the sheer amount of energy it requires to actually attack someone always leaves the attacker open to injury and/or counter-attack.

Furthermore, hiding behind the 2nd Amendment in the US is just ridiculous. In this day and age of gunships, tanks, and smart bombs, how is having a 9mm handgun going to help you overthrow a corrupt government anyway? It absolutely will not.

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I have NO idea how a waiting period or background check impinges on anyone’s rights.

I also think that if we happily accept that we have to study, obtain a license and photo ID, carry that license for use, undergo periodic equipment safety exams and periodic competency checks for a non-designated weapon ( a car ), then we should realize that even more stringent requirements for a designated weapon can only be a positive protection for our society.

I have taken gun safety classes, shooting classes, and a concealed/carry permit class and I don’t even have a gun. Perhaps most gun owners are responsible adults – it’s the uneducated, idiots, disturbed, unstable, clumsy, thoughtless, insane, illicit, ill-intentioned, theiving, law-breaking, revenge motivated, or just plain stupid that I worry about.

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Look at it this way. Was it the gun that killed or the PERSON holding the gun? That is the problem I have. A gun never killed anyone, it was the person holding it. I, for one, don’t want gun control if the only ones that have them are in the hands of OUR (Ha!) government people. We had a young man here talking on a cell phone in his place of business after hours when a policeman shot and killed him. I do not want my government to protect me, I’ll protect myself, even from an abusive government. Freedom isn’t Free and IF a government does a gun ban, that is NOT freedom. Get it?

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I support gun control. Actually I support gun supression. Anything other than a hunting rifle should be illegal. And I’d like to see manufacturers make hunting rifles less accurate. Let’s give the animals a better chance. he he.

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An interesting note I found out that carrying a night stick without permit can be a felony but a gun is a misdemeanor. I was told that people are more likely to use the stick because they aren’t planning on inflicting lethal injuries. However once they start hitting someone, and adrenaline kicks in, they have a hard time stopping.

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In Brittan, the choice to kill someone is the axe. I can kill anyone with a pencil, a fountain pen, a pair of women’s nylons, a profilastic, OR my finger. Now give me a brake. Do I need a gun? No, but I sure don’t want people in the government be the only ones that CAN have one. Isn’t this MY country?

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@Charlie. The issue with a gun is that you don’t really need much strength or pre-thought towards killing people. it is much easier and faster to kill someone with a gun before you’ve really considered the consequences.

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This is true but what I want here is the Right to own/have a gun if I want one. The choice is mine rather the anyone else’s or the Government. It is ONE of our basic Freedoms YET. It is still a Constitutional Right, YET. No person is going to use a gun if they are in their right mind and/or they are in need to protect themselves. If a theif comes into my home I’m surely not going to call 911 and tell the theif to wait or ask him/her to have a beer before the cops get here. It is a matter of protecting oneself from others that would/could cause you unmediated harm which also includes people within our government. Another thing, If you give up one Freedom then you have no right to keep any of the other Freedoms.

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gun control means using both hands.

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On October 16, 1991, an armed man drove his truck through the front window of a Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas and opened fire upon the crowd, killing 23 patrons and wounding 20 others before turning the weapon on himself.

As a direct result of that Luby’s Cafeteria incident, in 1995, Texas lawmakers, led by Suzanna Gratia Hupp (whose parents were both killed in the massacre), passed a law that allowed Texans to obtain a concealed-carry handgun permit.

Concerns were raised that the new concealed handgun law would create more problems than it would solve, turning residents into armed vigilantes who would turn to weapons to resolve minor disputes.

For one Texan, that concern was not only unsubstantiated, but one that, to him, has been proven false time and time again.

“If everyone in this state qualified to hold a concealed handgun license,” said Texas Department of Public Safety certified instructor Lloyd Leppo Jr., “no one would ever need a weapon in the first place.”

To obtain a permit to carry a concealed handgun, one must be at least 21 years of age, submit a photo and fingerprints for a background investigation and pay a fee, pass both a written test covering laws pertaining to deadly force and gun safety and a shooting accuracy test.

Take a look at this video testimony of Suzanna Gratia Hupp, addressing federal legislators, and recounting the death of her parents in that cafeteria.

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I would like to be able to carry a nuclear bomb, because I do not feel comfortable if government and terrorists are the only ones who can carry nuclear bombs. Isn’t this my constitutional right?

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What do YOU think?

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Controling guns only takes away weapons from good people, lose ablitly to track down murders with legal guns, and personal defense. If you think that not allowing people to buy guns will slow the rate of violence try again. Gangsters and other dealers with the black market and gun running will still exsist the only people you hurt in this gun control act is the good samaritan who just want to own a weapon for recreation, hunting, and home defense who also give a boost to the economy.

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